My own 100% Original Sci-Fi painting

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ntopaz-image-0Ok, if I have to admit it, I was originally working on sculpting an octopus in 3d... but I was getting frustrated with it... I was more in the mood for messing around than creating a photoreal Octopus. I wanted a complete scene.... I also wanted to try other renderers besides what I normally use.

After enough experiments, I got something kind of cool (See the really organgish image) ... And then it was time for painting - the 3D rendererd creature and world became nothing but reference material. I"m pretty happy with how it turned out. It's original, has a bit of personality, and has plenty of story.

If I was as cool as @yanes94 I'd also be telling you what star system this little fellow lives in, what the gas makeup of the atmosphere is, and why this guy happens to be going towards the lava for.... But alas, I did not come up with all that stuff. I do point it out though as a symptom that Steemit/Ntopaz is already having an effect on me.. I finished the piece, and immediately started thinking that this could use a story. I usually leave "Story" as a compositional strategy that leaves the viewer trying to figure out what is going on and why.... As compared to me telling them that stuff. I do it as "it looks like something is happening" - but there is a magic to doing it the other way, having a story, and making the elements match it (for example, if the atmosphere is so thick, the creatures could have gills to filter elements out of the thick flowing atmosphere as they moved through it.

So... Thanks everyone for the comments, votes, resteems, and helping me improve as an artist.

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Beautiful artwork @theartofori. I would like to suggest you to post 1 artwork per day on nTOPAZ because we only support 1 artwork of each artist to top 20.
[nTOPAZ curator]


I shall try to keep my art posts to one a day - and if I'm desperate to post something, I"ll switch to some of my writings, etc... Guess I'm thinking more of showing the art- hadn't thought about being in the top 20.

Beautiful work, I really like your art is very unique, I would advise you to publish one work per day so that you can always get to the top and none of your good designs remain without being taken into account.

[nTOPAZ Coordinator]

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I shall try to keep my art posts to one a day - and if I'm desperate to post something, I"ll switch to some of my writings, etc...

Damn! I missed this because of my Internet .

I love how the final result looked! The octopus would have been fine but it was good that you decided otherwise [I am working on an octopus too although it has been on hold for a few weeks lol ...]. I think that sometimes we are like that when we do something, in the end we end up doing something else. There are always changes in a drawing and many times that is good there are surprises in those changes and you can get results like yours, something you did not think to do in the first moment [Before, I used to make a sketch and the final result was the same, I It repressed a lot. I have to release more lol ..]

Oh! He is going to burn lol!

The story is an additional But in your case it is great that there is no story, because your drawings can be interpreted in many ways. There is never a static drawing, there is always a scene or action that leads you to think many things, which is more interesting, they speak alone.

Always wonderful

PS: I'll catch up with the comments.

excelente pintura de que muestra una criatura temible, esa fue la impresión que tuve, mezlas bien los colores y difuminas , buen trabajo haciendo arte de ciencia ficción amigo @theartofori


Gracias por sus amables palabras. Me alegra que te guste mi temible criatura :) - Haré muchos más intentos de criaturas en las próximas semanas ... Espero que salgan bien :)

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