Meet Gifti :D

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Hi everyone o/

How are you all doing? I hope everyone's doing well :> I've been spidering around, as usual, leaving as many comments as I can to support Steemians, and not only at specific platforms, because there are so many talents on this place that needs the boost :)

And so I've decided to do another post to share with you a few positive vibey thingies :D And and and, they are of various lil tidbits, like a highlight, and a signal boost, and a newbie search, so to tie all of these positive vibey things into a coherent post, I made a new character, and I'm calling her Gifti~ (yes, I am not very original with naming conventions, hahaha~)

So, here is Gifti !

She brings gifts! And her name is Gifti~ .....


ANYWAY, here is Gifti's first post!

Gifti Notices You

This is going to be a section where I will highlight Steemians that have been overlooked, and yet despite the lack of notice, these Steemians faithfully generate valuable contents and push along without asking for attention or rewards. Their blogs might be modest and does not pop with pomp and glamour but there is faithfulness and sincerity to them.

The first one that Gifti will be highlighting is: @antic

@antic draws almost daily, and I think during commute times. I followed him as steadily as I could, leaving him encouragements and giving him upvotes so he knows someone's right there with him. Last year, I watched him finished an entire sketchbook with his sketches :D I could feel his excitement and anticipation as he announced he was moving on to a new book :D

@antic doesn't talk very much, but i don't do what i do to get things in return, so i will continue to support @antic as he continues to post his sketches to Steemit ^ __ ^

Gifti helps fun stuff!

This section will be where I've ran into things that some Steemians might be doing that are trying to create engagement or fun, and which may be too small for general hype or notice. And Gifti will be trying to either signal boost these things that I stumble across or sending some resources to help generate some excitement and involvement from others :)

The first thing that Gifti has helped is.... @hedidylan's very cute "Name Me" contest!

@hedidylan runs these "Name Me" contests where she draws very unique and adorable characters, and they are born without names! So she seeks for Steemians' engagement to christen them with name suggestions. You don't need to be an artist or a photographer or a sculptor or a singer to participate, any Steemians can suggest potential names for these very charming characters, and the winner will get 0.25 Steems !!

I was just chilling at @c-squared discord when one day @hedidylan piped up about her contest, so I checked it out and now I am happy to announce that Gifti will match the 0.25 Steem to boost the reward pool a little bit :D

This was from Round 6, which was won by @blairbitz:

The winning name for the character was "Merekedi" :D Adorable, right???

Currently, @hedidylan's running the 7th Round, and you can still drop in your entries of name suggestions for this little creation here:

Gifti loves New Joiners :D

And last but not least, when the generous @themadcurator awarded me 200 Steem Powers last month, I was compelled to pass the benefits along to others who may have needs of Steem Powers more than I do. After HF20, I often heard from new joiners that it is very difficult for them to engage on this platform because they keep running out of mana to do anything with.

I sent the 200 Steem Powers to @Arrr and @SadHeaven (both are incredibly talented and awesomely engaged new Steemians, and you should totally check out their blogs when you have time), and yesterday I asked them if the delegations actually had made a difference because I thought if it hadn't actually helped, I would delegate my future earnings in SP to communities, instead.

I was very happy when they both told me that the delegations had made some difference! So I decided to continue to pass on additional Steem Powers to another new comer, @platyfolio :D

@platyfolio is an aspiring artist from Brazil and they seem to exude positivity and talents :D I have sent them 50 Steem Powers this morning!

I hope Gifti will continue to be able to delegate these small helping hands for new Steemians in the future :) I don't have very much left in my pocket, but I will do what I can, when I can :)

For now, I am looking to delegate another 50 SP to a new joiner, and since I'm passionate about arts, the criterias I'm looking to support are: Engagement and Talent. If you have come across a talented and engaged new joiner, please comment below and I will be sure to check out their blogs!

Alright, that was Gifti's first post :D

I will bring her back when she's got new pressies to hand out, and I hope she will be of some use to Steemians :D

And now, to close the post, I've got the step by step for the drawing I made of Gifti~

Step by Step

Step 1: RIP fountain pen. You was a brave warrior~

Step 2: HELLO new fountain pen. I expect much from you!

Step 3: Gifti's face

Step 4: Hair and hands. And a box~

Step 5: Body and a bow for the gift box :D

Step 6: Outlined, added some manga shoujo bubbles effects, and DONE !

As you probably noticed, I tried to still get some life out of the old fountain pen and all it did was make ink blotches all over the paper .... Yes, I was greedy. Yes, I asked much of that pen. Yes, I am a pen slavedriver! XD;;; Anyway, served me right for asking for so much from it. So it has been retired now and I've bought a new one from DAISO for $2... :D

I didn't mind the blotches, to be honest.... Even though I had no idea how a picture would turn out later, part of a creative journey is to incorporate what life gives you, and in this case, I worked the blotches into a shoujo manga bubbles effects :D So, you can see that what might seemed as a 'hindrance' at first, could actually work into a picture :D :D :D

Alright, that's long enough a post for now haha~

I will see you all next time o/

PS. Don't forget to check out my Art Contest, too ! The theme is "Childhood Memories" :D :D :D Prize pool is at 8 Steems!

Artists' Highlights with C2

On another note, please check out this article that I wrote for the @c-squared's Artists' Highlights a while ago :) Please check it out! I am featuring TWO artists at a time, and the third two are: @chrisdyer and @sanderjansenart :D

I also talk about plagiarism and other fraudulent behaviours in art, and how they really affect artists in this issue, so if you do have a spare five minutes, please consider reading this one :) Thank you~


Issue 1: @Arrr and @thilah
Issue 2: @EdgarUVM and @Zsolt.Vidak
Issue 3: @chrisdyer and @sanderjansenart

copyright @veryspider. all rights reserved.
(that means DO NOT USE unless you got my say so in writing!)

To all of you artists out here at Steemit! Hello~ If you ever are lost and lonesome, please join Steem Artists at our discord chat:

We network with fellow artists here on Steemit and we help each other succeed :) Come and say hi~ ^ __ ^

curator for curie, c-squared (and c-cubed), and nTopaz

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Gifti has such a beautiful and generous disposition @veryspider ~ Which reflects the ideal nature of Steemit.

Love the way you have drawn the cuffs on Gifti's blouse and the butterfly on her belt. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

[nTopaz Curator]

⚖️ S H I N E ⚖️ Y O U R ⚖️ L I G H T ⚖️


Thanks so much, Ally :D Your comments are always full with warmth <3 Always made my day~

Gifti is beautiful!

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Thank you very much aaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

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Hi o/
Your constant efforts to support minnows are really heartwarming. It's t good natured community-focused people like you that make steemit such a unique place.
Thank you :)

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Looonggggeerrrr <3 I get to meet awesome people and support talents so, I'm really rewarded in my efforts :D

Thank YOU <3 I love your illustrations very much ! Every time you make a new one, they make me happy :D

Wonderful Gifti's, @verspider you are a very special spider, your generosity, tallent and commitement to the steemit art community is an exemple off such beauty and so full off passion that it moves me, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to you, for all your support and kindness, : )


OMG, what a rare occasion <3 I really appreciate this ! So happy to see you here, @tracer-paulo <3 I love your arts and the thoughtfulness and freedom of expression that you infused them with * ___ * I am happy to have come across your blog, and I will continue to support you \o/

Whoa you delegate even more of your SP to newbie, what are you.... Santa Spider? XD XD
And I like how you inked this Gifti girl, the crosshatching is wonderful and so is the background effect. It always tickles me that you can incorporate mistakes into something beautiful, I feel this is a great skill that I should learn as well, but I'm too dependent on my Undo button hahaha.          
Wonderful girl and wonderful post, spider =).


Ahahah, naaaah, I just am at a comfortable place :) Whilst others are hampered in their abilities to participate fully in the communities so... I do what I can, that's all :)

Mistakes are just challenges that your artworks present to you, to overcome! :D :D :D

I think your drawing of Gifts is absolutely adorable! The hatching gives it both rhythm and movement in the way that it is interspersed on the garment and the hair is integrated wonderfully. I also love the shape of the chin, I wouldn’t mind seeing the right side of the face more. Maybe by showing the top of an ear from behind the lock of hair. The movement in the hair is exciting!


Thanks so much, @edouard :) Your comments are always very constructive ! I appreciate :D :D :D


I love to see you’re comments all 0ver the web dear spider.


:D :D :D i love supporting people~ (and chatting) ....

... im a very chatty spider..... :sweatdrops:

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Thats brilliant!
Have you seen this post and is it possible you could help out please? Thank you :-)

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Which post, @nathen007? I think you forgot the link, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Awesome! I pledged a little boost to the prize pool! Thanks so much for the mention, @nathen007 <3

Long time no see! How generous of you to help out new and overlooked Steemians! I hope all is well and think Gifti is lovely. Thanks for helping to keep the community alive!


OMG !!!!!!!!!!!

o m g

it's you! long time no see! :O OMG how are you??? I miss your posts so much !! How is your lil ones ????

at my end, everything is well :D Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving some comments <3

Will you return to posting soon??? :O I hope you will aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thank you Gifti for bringing gifts to those awesome artists I didn't know yet :) It's difficult to find new people to follow, so you're doing a great job, little lady!


@patschwork <3 <3 <3 such kind words!!! * ___ * i am melting, and Gifti says, "I'll find more to highlight, for sure!!!"


Spider, this is one of my favorite pieces of yours. It just came together really well :)

I love how you took a mistake and made it into something unique. I hate to say the word mistake, that seems a little harsh. But the splotches with those bubbles really adds energy and it looks nice.


Really, I am with you 100% ! I think sometimes imperfections can turn to strength when we do not fear them so much.... right? :D

Thanks, Anthony <3 !

Love the detail in this one, my friend. You are also very generous, a treasure to this community.


Thanks so much, Jaundre <3 You also bring so much talent and uniqueness to Steemit <3 <3 <3

Gifti is very beautiful in form and idea @veryspider:) I will keep an eye for new creators who need support and inform you:) Also if this idea could be turn into a more official mechanism i would contribute a good sum. I see a lot of new content creators who put work in their posts and are interesting , but give up after a couple of weeks...Its a pity.


Yesh, I know, retention is a huge problem... I've worked with a lot of new comers to make sure that they are welcomed when they joined up, but I've seen a lot that kind of eventually drifted away from Steemit :(

Habitually, and because I'm used to spidering, I sometimes email them to ask if they could come back, and some did return after they realize that they were missed (check out @arthurgain, he recently has started to post again after I nudged him through email) (and also @itsdatneighbour and @hglucky13) but there's a lot that would not come back...

I can only do so much in terms of engagement and encouragement and checking in with talents outside of Steemit, but I do what I can :)

So yes, thank you, George :D If you come across a talented new comer who's struggling, let me know and I'll try to help, for sure ! :D


Oh, all three are such amazing artists:) I will keep an eye and let you know, but your web is so huge,lol. Everytime i find one there is a spider hanging in the comment section:):)

Spider, this is one of my favorite pieces of yours. It just came together really well :)


Oh, @veryspider! One of the things that we like most about your art is the mastery of the shadows that you show, we think it's something very difficult and you need a lot of dedication to achieve it. We also believe that you're very talented and we love your style, we like anime a lot and you remind us a bit of the adorable animations that we have seen.

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Thanks so much, @cafeconleche :) Anime is a thriving genre and one that connects a lot of people around the world together, both in real life and on social media :D

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Aw, 'gifti' is precious and and I see you are giving the wonderful gift of giving in your great curation. I'll check them out!


Thank you, Donna <3 <3 <3

Lovely work as always, lots of nice little details and a "happy accident"


Hahaha yes, Happy Accidents :D They sometimes bring unexpected boon :D

Thanks, Jeremy!

What a beautiful character, very good creativity, a wonderful idea, I congratulate you.


Thank you ! :D :D :D

I guess you called her gifty because she is fond of receiving gifts.


She gives out gifts so I name her that way, yes.

wooooooooooooooooooow, you are great i like its style man you are really talented :D


Thanks, Kevin :D You're so bouncey and full with good energies XD

Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!


That is really very good post, I like the idea of sharing the information about the people who you find interesting and who may deserve more attention, it is hard to get through the wall of hundreds of new posts and when the users with low SP they just disappear from the visibility. It is a hard job to looks through the different posts as it is time consuming but I have no idea how you manage to that you are doing it really good. It is good to have you there @spider, you really deserve that name like a spider man who is there when he needs to :)


I have a lot of time available to me at work, so I spider around :D

Thank you, @stef1 :D You are always super kind and thoughtful with your comments <3 <3 <3

Super Cute! as always... @veryspider

Great work! I very like details!

Loving this sketch! Gifti!!! Such a wonderful initiative. I think you inspired me to rethink my positions a little. I am working on my SP and would really like to do the same.. Pass along a little help. I want to give you a BIG Hug spider and a pat on the back. I don't think some people realize how involved and considerate your efforts are. I applaud your efforts to keep the Steem Dream alive! Nice to see a sketch out of you!!

Hello @veryspider, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you for all your hard work with finding and promoting all the amazing undiscovered talent out there, @veryspider!

I want you to know that you and Gifti's work are greatly appreciated and recognize the hard work you are doing for this community :)


Cogi~ Thanks so much for such kind words <3 I look forward to your next longer post!!!