Lucky Kumo

11개월 전

Sunday again, and already past noon :screaming emoji: Why does weekend always go by so quickly? It's black magic, I'm convinced????


Anyway, hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend :) It's beautiful weather here in Melbourne, Australia, and I will try to enjoy some of it, for sure, but boy this weekend was a busy one for me! But that's okay, cuz it means I got a lot of things done :D Always good to get things done, you know what I mean? :D

Today I bring to you my newest attempt at watercolour...

You know, friends...... I am a very, very, very lucky spider.... Why so lucky? Well, @shibasaki, my jiichan has recently sent me a box of goodies from Japan and it is the best gift !!! Thank you so much, ojiichan * ___ *

He sent me so many wonderful stuff, snacks and sweets that I have not had in a long time! Toys that I love * ___* ! And more awesome than anything else, ARTING EQUIPMENTS !!!!!

I received 2 watercolour Holbein brushes (size 8 and 20) and a Holbein watercolour set of paint (24) and a Holbein aluminium palette, box of pentel pen, and a Watson watercolour sketchbook !!!!! I almost died out of joy XD

Best grandpa in the world \o/ Thank you so much, @shibasaki !!!!!!!

So, obviously, I had to do my best to honour jiichan's investment in my arting endeavours so I set myself to make a watercolour piccar this weekend. But first, I went to set my palette the way @shibasaki had told me to do. If you also want to join my journey in learning watercolour, I recommend that you check out this post here since it really sets out the palette arrangement well.

Here is how it is supposed to look like:

Video tutorial here:

So, so, I did as @shibasaki instructed me and set up my palette faithfully and then I made the piccar that you saw above, and here is the video...

And then my phone died, and here is where it got to:

Then I was discouraged a little so I asked @shibasaki what to do and he gave me very clear instructions on where to focus the shadows and where to keep the light areas are:

I followed his teaching and it became like this:

And then I added more layers and applied some highlights on the water surface with the white gel pen, and DONE!

I still have a lot to learn, colour balance, blending technique, and knowing where NOT to apply paints, tonality, values, etc. etc. etc. But I can say that I feel I have a guiding sensei and that I'm having fun as I explore watercolours :)

I hope I'll be able to do something close to jiichan's works in the future, but it WILL take time and .... that's just how art is... it is a journey :D If you're ever wanting to jump into watercolours, please join me now \o/ Together, we can encourage each other and improve :D

Communities Shout Out !

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If I had multiple votes, I'd definitely also cast some love towards @homesteaderscoop and @freewritehouse, but there are many, many others. Be involved, Steemian! Check them out, and cast your vote! \o/

PS. If, like me, you're putting your weight for @steemitbloggers, you should also look at this post by the awesome @zord189 where you might be able to get a kick ass steemit signature to use :D

Alright, that's it from me for now, friends o/

Finally: Don't forget to check out my Art Contest, too ! The theme is "Childhood Memories" :D :D :D and the prize pool is at 8 STEEMS ! Contest ending 3 March 2019, so there is still a full week to join in :D !!!!

Artists' Highlights with C2

On another note, please check out this article that I wrote for the @c-squared's Artists' Highlights a few days ago :) Please check it out! I am featuring TWO artists at a time, and the third two are: @elenasteem and @patschwork :D


Issue 1: @Arrr and @thilah
Issue 2: @EdgarUVM and @Zsolt.Vidak
Issue 3: @chrisdyer and @sanderjansenart
Issue 4: @elenasteem and @patschwork

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Woooo spidey I'm so proud of you!!! exploring watercolour landscapes!!! 🙌🙌🙌 😁🎨 and @shibasaki for being so awesome too 💙
👍👍 you'll get really good at it I'm sure 😁

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Thanks melo! I am trying my best to learn!

Oh, I didn't understand before that he was your real granddad! I thought it was some kind of an online 'relationship' :) It's so nice that you have your family here. I guess that you don't see him that often so it must be nice to see him posting here and be constantly in touch..

What a great gift you got! I would be crying too :)

I love the final result! It's such a beautiful blend of colors. He obviously gave you some great advises :) You seem to be an amazing student and I'm sure that you'll become famous if you continue working as hard as you do now.

I guess it's after midnight in Melbourne so have a lovely start of the week!


Thank you, @delishtreats ! It WAS after midnight and now it is already Monday :sob:

I will continue to work hard, yes !

That is beautiful and your grandfather's gift is so wonderful! This is a delightful post! If there were only more hours in the day I would be tempted to get out my old watercolors set! You are right, the days go by much too fast!


Thank you so much, Melinda <3 I am happy to share the wonderful joy of watercolour and I hope you will get some time in the future to get creative with your watercolours as well :)


Your grandfather's videos are very inspiring! I need to step back from my computer screen and find a bit more balance in my life, so I may just make time for more creative moments!

I am really crying 😭 , because you are too cute~❤️
I'm Lucky jiichan!!!!!!
I love you, my sweet granddaughter.
Your lake is so beautiful. I really love your painting!
You have the power to overcome difficulties!!!
I will support you at any time.


nakanaide, ojiichan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :sob: :sob:

kumo will continue to learn! yes! thank you for your guidance and support <3

kumo will not waste your investment and gift in kumo's potentials, ne~ ganbatteru wa~

sekai ni saikou na ojiichan * ___ *


awww both of you are too cute <3 (edit: these comments really did bring a tear to my eye)


Aaaah, hahaha, you are so sweet, too, dear <3


What can I say? To witness such love between two beautiful souls will always touch my heart and I see it as a blessing <3


孫娘が偉いですね、@shibasakiさん! ^_^


YES!!! 彼女はとても素晴らしい孫娘です😊❤️

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What a lovely present. It's very nice to see you inspired and getting better with the colors


Thank you, Mikko :) Transitioning to colours from ink and pen is a great challenge for me!

Say whaaaat

A shoutout from my #teamaustralia mate to vote for #steemitbloggers where am a proud member of? Woot woot. Soooo happy for this!

Ta spidey!!! Xo



Any time, my fellow spiderland resident!!! ❤️

GO GO GO @SteemitBloggers!!!! \o/

Those are the most sexiest artists hands I have laid my eyes on and they are too fast like anime fast, I could even see the motion blurs, felt the anime music resonating in the silence, and the several filler episodes of backstories the main character has to struggle with in their past to come to this very point at each stroke of the color. I have no idea what I just said but those hands are sexy and made for art.


:O wowow thank you so much for such compliments about my hand !!! XD

even with the anime allegories!!! XD made my day \o/ hahahahah!!!


My pleasure! Such a worthy community! Go go go @steemitbloggers #powerhousecreatives !!!


I am stopping by from #PowerHouseCreatives and @steemitbloggers to say thank you for the vote and the shout out. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

And that watercolour? I just love the vibrancy!

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@fionasfavourites thank you so much for the beautiful comment <3 and i wish @steemitbloggers and #powerhousecreatives the best of luck !!!! \o/


You are welcome. And thank you!

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That's quite lovely! I love watercolours and admire those to can work with this tricky medium...

Also thanks for the lovely shoutout for @steemitbloggers of which I am a long time member, in addition to being part of Asher's leagues... quite a bit of overlap there, too... very active curating and content group; appreciate the support, as our wee community would certainly benefit from such a large delegation!


Thank you so much, @denmarkguy ! Very kind of you <3

I've seen #powerhousecreatives and @steemitbloggers doing a lot of good work in Steemit, so it is my pleasures to be able to help in any ways I can!!! GOOD LUCK !!!

Ohhhhh Spider got a lot of beautiful spider gifts:):) @shibasaki is a caring and kind teacher:) Lovely colours in your artwork, there is sth dreamy in this landscape:)


Hahaha yeah, I got presents * ___ * So happy!

And thank you for the kind comments, George <3 <3 <3

Aw man, now I'm feeling bad that I didn't learn to paint to better connect to my dad.

Actually now that I think of it my grandfather was a writer. Of course I started really getting into it far too late to connect with him, sadly...

Er, sorry, didn't mean to be a bummer, great that you have such a close relationship and I love the painting!


Aaah, I can relate, I think we mostly take the previous generations for granted, to be honest !

Your dad painted and your granda wrote? Wow you have creativity running through your veins, @fromage ! No wonder you are so talented with your writing !!!

Thanks for the visit and the kind words <3

Whoa...! It's another awesome post from you, spider! First an art contest with prizes from your own coffer, then a really great drawing post, and Gifti the delegation angel, and then featuring two artists in c-cubed, and now this!! How do you manage to do it, making one awesome post after another, what are you, some kind of awesome factory? XD
Though you said that you're struggling in this, the end result looks really good already. I like the variation of colours in this picture. And to think that you will only improve from here on, guided by Shibasaki-sensei. If you keep at it, you'll make amazing progress in no time.          
Shibasaki-san is very generous and so are you. It is like win win combined in this post. So gooooood ^_^.


A spider is a busy spider! And loves to do webby things! Not an awesome factory but a spider factory!

.... XD;;;;;;

And yes, ojiichan is an amazing sensei * ___ * I am lucky! You should join in the lessons! I bet you'd do great !!!!

Thank you for the encouragement, scrawls! I will continue to spider ahead!!!! \o/

Another practice with watercolors and more progress! Keep going Spidey. I surely must try watercolor also :), because it looks like a super-fun painting and lessons from super-sensei @shibasaki, they ask you to try them out in practice.

Gifts from the sensei are always the best, I remember how I got the academic books of painting and drawing from Helena Krajewska, where I lived for a while in my childhood, it was an amazing time! And get such tools and sweets must be really great :) Also nice spider-surfer on that thing, its a paper on artwork?


Thank you, @arrr! Surely YOU must also try watercolour also, because it is very fun and @shibasaki sensei makes really wonderful lessons that are inspiring to follow and try!

Yes, receiving gifts was like Christmas morning all over again ! I can see you have experienced the same feeling yourself * ___ * Amazing time, indeed!

I think it is a plastic sheet? Looks like it's a thing to line your table with, so it must be made from durable material...

Oh, there's still time for that Childhood Memories thing :) Great. Because this week is being such very much busy to me...

Thanks for the shared lessons and for the shout out about @steemitbloggers. We appreciate it. I appreciate it.

And I am mentally with you on that learning watercolor quest. Physically... I don't know. I really have little time and it takes time. I can't draw under pressure, too. I need to be calm to do it.

But I have an idea of what I want to try.

Have a nice weekendend :)




Yep, there's still a week, Manol! Maybe I can get to see an entry from you?

I know you are super busy but that last watecolour of New Mogadishu from you was really great !

@steemitbloggers really deserve to win this thing so I'm hoping we can do all we can to help voters to get their voices in that poll!!!

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WOW. You are learning SO fast Spider. So wonderful to have personal direction from @shibasaki, as he is such a wonderful artist and teacher. And what generous gifts he has sent you. I can understand why you would want to give him something in return and the thing he will treasure the most is to see you become a great watercolourist too. You are certainly on your way now. I hope I can catch up and keep up with you. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Ally! You are probably ahead of me, because I have seen your aesthetics and design sense and I'm convinced your watercolours must be awesome :D

Thank you so much for kind words :D And yesh, I think having a great teacher like @shibasaki really helps me get on my way hahaha~ I'm so lucky ^ ___ ^


You are right Spider. My watercolours are awesome ~ But only in my head. They still need to shift into my heart and hands. 💖🙏💖

Whereas you have jumped right in already, and are painting so beautifully. Lucky ~ Yes, but also really deserving. @shibasaki has been watching you and knows you are worth his attention. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Spider, I'm so happy to see that you are now a member of the Power House Creatives group. A wonderful group to inspire us, to create and write. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Aaah yes! @zord189 and @reinhard-schmid roped me in and now I'm happyhappy to be even close to @allyinspirit and @joelai and @wales :D :D :D and so many other talents and wonderful people to discover and support ! AAAAAAAAA * ___ *


So happy to have you with us too @veryspider!!

WOW, at least now I know, where your talent comes from!

Watercolor looks simple, but I think it is extremely difficult, if you want to do it right. You are very lucky with master shibasaki being your grandfather and an extraordinary teacher on top of it. Love that story of him sending you the goodies and guiding you with your painting.

Amazing results!

For me, the biggest "trick" was always, to know, where to leave the paper blank for white. When you come from oil painting, that can be a real challenge, as there you ADD the highlights. With my reverse glass painting I face similar challenges and I now use oils with some of the concepts of watercolor. Not thinned down like that, but the layering and leaving blank spaces.

I like, how you create light by adding darkness in the surrounding areas and how that helps guiding the eye of the viewer in your painting!


Always so humbled to hear from you, Reinhard <3

Yes, watercolour is surprisingly difficult, the way it behaves is often surprising... Maybe because I have near zero experience with it? XD But I'm learning, yes, I'm learning. Slowly slowly~

That biggest 'trick' is acquiring the 'eye' to know where to work with and where NOT to work on, isnt it? People think composition just magically comes into the mind? But no, there are YEARS and YEARS that is required to polish that inner eye, don't you agree?

I can only imagine the challenge with oils and... even more, reverse glass paintings! You must have acquired your skills admirably * ___ *

Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting <3 I appreciate it !


I am a poet, not a painter. But I watched your videos and now I'm thinking .... "Hmmm, maybe I could do that!" Greta post.

@zord189 dropped your post link in the Power House Creatives' (SteemitBloggers) Discord Channel. Thanks so much for your support. We are extremely appreciative for every vote we receive. We strive to earn the respect inherent in those votes and will continue to do so.



Hi @quillfire ! You have a great talent with words and rhythm <3 I think such talents may translate well into other artistic realms :D

Yes @steemitbloggers (/ powerhousecreatives) is a wonderful movement, and i wish you the best of luck! I hope my post will prompt some of my followers to also cast their votes and help you guys win this thing!!! Keep up being awesome <3

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The very colors!!!


Yes, after the very struggles !!!


Beautiful result, @veryspider! The watercolor palette gives the painting a very magical feel, like this is an illustration of a faraway fairyland.

And as a member of the @steemitbloggers/#powerhousecreatives community, thank you so much for your support! Much appreciated. 😊


Thank you very much, @traciyork <3 You are very kind ! I am humbled to hear such comments <3 <3 <3

@steemitbloggers is doing a lot of great work for Steemit <3 I will continue to support and cheer you on, PowerHouseCreative Steemians!!!


You are quite welcome, @veryspider and thank you so much in return! 😊💜

This is wonderful, Lise. I loved the video.


Thank you Jaundre <3 I love your latest! The eye, so artistic and so beautiful !

This is really cool and sweet, @veryspider! Wonderful colours!


Thanks, Trin!!! :D

Your hand moves very quickly! your improving your skills with every take. If I am going to be honest, I like the top 2/3's better than the very bottom. Love love love the sky and sunset.. not feeling the rock or water at the bottom. You make me want to do more video, but I am lazy. lol. Isn't it always nice to get a package in the mail?!! How cool that your gramps sent you some treats and brushes. You got a keeper!! Bet you were smiling huge! :-D


I don't know if I'm improving to be honest, I feel like I'm just aping @shibasaki XD

But I'll continue to struggle, and I......... hope that'll get me somewhere, some day HAHAHAHAH

Yep, you should do more videos, Brad! Dont be lazy! People love arting videos, you know!!!!

I was smiling and screaming like those girls at boy band rock concert, to be honest XD LOL


You are improving. Just takes a lot of painting to get there I would guess. I am not there either. I don’t paint rocks into my work. I SUCK at them. I can’t figure out why they are so challenging. Grrrr.


Hehehehehe. I could hear you screaming alll the way over here in America. Molly and Pepper hear it too. Lol. So exciting and special too.

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So lovely painting!💕😊
That's great you made a shoutout for @steemitbloggers !😃 as a member of that community I say thank you!

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@jenina619! so nice to see you here :) i love your arting posts :) you have such a wonderful and lovely style and you always include your photos with them, i find that very adorable <3

and yep, go go go @steemitbloggers! hope #powerhousecreatives can win this thing!!!


Aaawww💗 I'm happy you like it, that means a lot for me!😄 thank you!

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Love it!!!!! Beautiful colours :-))


Thanks very much, @carolineschell !!! :D

How wonderful to have your grandfathers support and guidance!
Your picture came out beautifully!
Thanks for sharing your work and this art lesson!
Also thanks for the shout out to @steemitbloggers #powerhousecreatives !


Yes, I am very lucky! Thank you so much for visiting and comment <3

And no problems, I wish @steemitbloggers to win this delegation, for sure ! Just doing what I can to help :D

What a truly wonderful gift from your grandfather.... and I don't only mean the goodies you received in the mail.... I mean that you are able to receive guidance from a talented artist (I have visited his videos). Take all the guidance you can get from him while you can, because one day it will not be there. If you don't take advantage of it now, one day you could kick yourself.

Best of luck in learning this new technique!


Yes, I am very spoilt, hahahah... you are right, the gifts were precious but even more so the guidance and warmth of a grandpa is priceless .... Thank you for such thoughtful reflections <3 I really appreciate it ! <3

A most beautiful watercolor! You did a great job with it, no doubt!


And thank you for the support and shout-out to the @steemitbloggers community! 💜


Thank you so much! You are very sweet <3

Good luck to @steemitbloggers !!! You guys rock !!!! 💖💖💖

Wow!!! what a cool gift! I understand your happiness because I remember receiving gifts from my Japanese friends! Palette and watercolor and other accessories art - the best gifts for the artist. I'm so glad you started learning watercolors like I did :)


Yes, the best gifts, indeed!! And yes, I am learning watercolours like veta! It is very fun and exciting even though challenging as well, hahaha :D


Thank you so much, @sanderjansenart <3 <3 <3

You're one lucky potato(to directly translate a Danish saying), @veryspider, having access to both fantastic packages and painting instructions from your Japanese family! :D

Amazing job with the painting also! My work with colouring in my onion drawings made me rediscover how fun it was painting with water colours; I hope you have had the same epiphany :)


I sure am one lucky potato~ (hahaha what a cute saying!) (i will use it from now on XD)... !

Thank you so much for being so encouraging :) I am glad you are also re-discovering the joy of painting with watercolours! Your onion drawings are so cute XD I love them~

You get a gift and give us a gift. Absolutely, beautiful work.

Thank you so very much for your support of @steemitbloggers #powerhousecreatives


Thanks very much for your kind comments <3

And of course, good luck @steemitbloggers !!! \o/

That's a lovely painting! Thank you so much for supporting @steemitbloggers. Have a great week ahead!


Thanks so much, @sgbonus ! @steemitbloggers is an amazing community and I am happy to support it!

I hope you will also have a great week ahead :D

oh wow ! this is your grandpa, really ? ^_^ Talent is in the family indeed 😊 😉


Yes granpa is very talented.... me, i have little talents, but I am learning my best!!!


I'm sure he is so very proud of you.. !😉

isnt it great to get a gift in the post, how cool. And as always awesome work, your art is astounding. Glad to hear you are having lovely weather. For Feb, we are not having to bad of a month in Ireland, spring is in the air (how long that will last god only knows lol)


Yes, it is great :D It made me feel like Christmas morning all over again! Hahaha~

Thank you for visiting and comment <3 You are very kind!

I'm glad to hear that Ireland is also doing fairly with your tail end of the winter months, I hope your spring will be beautiful this year :)


thank you @marya77 <3 very kind of you !

What a wonderful gift! The painting looks awesome, full of lovely rich colours. Looking forward to seeing more of your water colour paintings!


Thanks, Jeremy :D You are too nice * ___ *

I wish I can hide my stuff from some too-talented-people....

mutters quietly

This is always the fear/mistake with watrcolours, too many layers equal muddy colours, but good job. And that's pretty sweet of @shibasaki to send these to you as well as offer instructions, what a great community we have here, eh @veryspider.

I've been off for a couple days, so again I'm a bit out of the loop. I have to stop taking these sojourns from here I suppose.


Aaah yes, I've noticed you've been away, Donna, but it's nice to see you posted something new again today !

And yep, @shibasaki is the best :) And yes, there's a lot of fear with watercolour but really, it's all a learning curve, at the end :D

Wow great job @veryspider i love the explanation of light and dark, just took my mind to something like color scale😁 each time i see your paintings i feel like going back into painting , well hopefully you would see my painting someday... Thanks for sharing


Thanks, @guchidan ! I am just a novice, but it is good to hear some positive feedback :D And what do you mean, I see your artworks almost every time you posted them :D I have brought them to C-squared for curations :D Keep up the arting :) You have a great talent <3


You also have a great talent dear, what i meant about color scale is that.. A color scale consist of grades of colors that are Differentiated or distinguish inform of a scale just like our color wheel but that was just a mere talk though.. Thanks for the support keep inspiring me to paint someday😁😁

Congratulations @veryspider!
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Creative, indeed.

Namaste, JaiChai


Wow! Really BEAUTIFUL work!

Awesome post!!


Thank youuuuuu~

Thank you for the awesome shout out! I'm so impressed by the way the steem community comes together for things like this. :-)



#powerhousecreatives people are really amazing and the community deserves all the love <3 <3 <3

excellent art, here if you used the contrast that gives life to the landscape, very beautiful drawing, I congratulate you for your gift, very good has even sweets and many watercolors to draw, what a beautiful gesture of your dear friend, a great artist.


Thanks! Yes, even sweets and many watercolours! I'm very thankful! :D

You made it look so easy to paint, and it looks wonderful!!
I especially enjoy the videos! Thanks for sharing and welcome to @SteemitBloggers community and a great shout-out!

Vote for us!!


You're very kind but I'm still just learning :)

Thank you, though <3!!!

And yesh, @steemitbloggers for the win!!!! \o/