Mushroom Girl



Hey Steemians, how are you?

Between yesterday and today I was working on my favorite theme that is fantasy, I think before I made more illustrations of these magical beings but now I try to do a bit of everything leaving the fantasy a bit abandoned.

For this I wanted to focus on both fantasy and nature that somehow go hand in hand, fantasy beings love and care for nature, something that humans do not. So, I made a girl who is a fungus who is admiring and playing with the beauty of nature.

Below you will see some images of the process and, when you have the video ready, you can see how I made this illustration.

I made a quick sketch in my sketchbook and passed it to the PC, to start working, I wanted a magical nightlife, I put some base color and a background.


I was painting my girl and her mushroom, I also planned to make her like little fireflies, not to forget, I made some lol spots. the colors that eleji most were cold.


I was doing crazy brushstrokes on the whole body of the girl and the fungus that for this I did some details like moss [Well, I see it that way ....].


I did not want it to be so stained, I passed a smooth layer with a blur, but not so much so that the texture that was before was still noticed a little. It should be noted that this drawing changed the face many times lol.


In this last part I edited some things that in the video you can see better and I placed a texture on top of her so that she did not look so human in addition to the last details of lights to finish my work.





Bamboo Tablet

Grateful to all of you for seeing and supporting my new work, I would be very happy if you leave me in the comments your opinions and criticisms regarding this style or my work. His criticisms help me to grow and encourage me to work harder to improve my art.

See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and supporting my publications. 😜

Copyright @yanes94 - All rights reserved.

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La reina del arte digital en esta plataforma, sin duda alguna eres excelente en este arte, además siempre traes un contenido diferente y bien elaborado con respecto a los otros, cada día vas mejorando y eso es increíble. Me gusta mucho las texturas que usas y los detalles del cabello, ya que son geniales y esos colores le dan un toque de fantasía bastante lindo y real. Una de las cosas que más admiro de ti es esa capacidad de creatividad e ingenio que tienes para hacer tus obras de arte, el diseño de sombrero que tienes es bastante genial porque tiene parecido a un bosque encantado que hace que la obra se torne impactante. Las mariposas están hermosas y su rostro totalmente un arte.

Muchas felicidades querida @yanes94


WOW!!! la reina del arte digital? hehehehehe gracias querida Nath por verme así, lo aprecio pero realmente me falta mucho para por lo menos acercarme a plebeya XD, pero estoy trabajando para que un futuro no muy lejano si pueda ser una gran artista, tanto en lo digital como tradicional. ;)

Me encanta lo fantasiosa que se ve esta chica mas que nada la paleta de colores, me recuerda la usada en la película "Avatar" en la parte cuando llega la noche y las plantas hacen la bioluminiscencia me encanto que su cabello genere luz como si se tratara de fibra de vidrio, muy buen trabajo aunque yo le fuera agregado una capa de partículas desenfocadas en el aire para dar la sensación de esporas


hehehehehe amor, realmente esas partículas las iba a colocar... las quería para darle mas ambientación mágica pero al final se me olvido LOL.

Sobre la paleta, era para darle ese ambiente de fantasía pero ahora que lo dices si me recuerda un poco a Avatar... por cierto, debo verla para tener inspiración para futuros trabajos. ;)

Gracias amor por tu critica y por ver mi trabajo, siempre aprecio tus comentarios. <3 <3 <3

So cool in the dark tone :)

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Thank you!!! Happy that you liked it. ;)

Wow she is beautiful! Love the colours, the electric blue hair..


Thanks a million for watching my work @agr8buzz, I greatly appreciate the support you give me. ;)

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Looking good my friend, another lovely art.


Hi, sweetie, how are you? Time without knowing about you. hehehehe

Thanks for watching my work. ;)

OMG amé está mujer 🤩


Gracias amor... eso me alegra mucho. ;)


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hehehehe thank you very much. ;)

The drawing gives some conflicting feelings. The eyes - as you know, the mirror of the soul - is a 100% success. The girl has a surprised, crazy look, and definitely catches your attention. I want to decipher the riddle, what she is looking at, what she is thinking about. “Reflections” in her look turned out to be very interesting, due to this the picture gains 146%.

Forgetting not she's a mushroom girl, and look at the hat. Top class! Stunningly profitable, beautiful, unusual, skillfully made texture of the hat (above), and hackily made, like in 10 seconds, hack-work and daub - at the bottom. Certainly, having such a cool result with the girl, the author did not spend much time on the inside of the hat (so to speak, she saved it, hehe).

I was surprised by the difference between the hat (green moss, mossy, definitely old) and the smooth skin of the girl. If this “mushroom dryad” is not so young, why does she have such smooth skin? I see a contradiction here. I simply cannot explain the presence of blue patterns (tattoos?). Apparently, they were added for "excess prettiness".

Рисунок рождает противоречивые чувства. Глаза - как известно, зеркало души - удались автору на 100%. Девушка имеет удивленно-безумный взгляд, и определенно притягивает внимание, хочется расшифровать загадку, на что же она смотрит, о чем она думает. "Отражения" в ее взгляде получились очень интересным, за счет этого картинка выигрывает 146%.

Не забываю что это девушка гриб, и смотрю на шляпку. Шляпка класс! Потрясающе выгодная, красивая, необычная, искусно сделанная фактура шляпки (сверху), и халтурно сделанная, на раз-два, халтура и мазня - снизу. Определенно, нарисовав девушку, автор не стала тратить много времени на изнанку шляпки (так сказать, сэкономила, хехе).

Меня удивило различие шляпки (заросшей зеленым мхом, замшелой, определенно старой) и гладкой кожи девушки. Если эта "грибная дриада " не такая уж молодая, отчего же у нее такая гладкая кожа? Я вижу здесь Противоречие. Наличие узоров (тату?) я объяснить просто не могу. ВИдимо, добавлены от балды, для "лишней красивости"

Very nice dear friend @yanes94.


Thank you dear friend Marya, I appreciate you seeing my work. ;)

wooooo esta realmente encantador. Una obra bastante limpia. Felicidades.

Very beautiful!