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Freestlye Sessions

I went to quite a few Open Mic events this year and went on stage. Rap used to be a passion for me in the 90s and I actually released an Album in 2003 containing 9 Tracks, in Into and a feature of another turntablist.

These Rap Battles were organised in a Warehouse in Zurich that just recently got shut down. There was a store for spray paint there and a huge Hall for events. The place was full of very awesome Graffiti.

Category#ntopaz, #photography, #human, #creativecoin
SettingsISO 4000 80 mm f/22
CameraSony α 7 r ii
LensPentacon FD 80mm f / 2.8
LocationZurich - Switzerland

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What if not just the human mind, but life is a part of the universe trying to discover itself and all existence is an attempt towards infinite growth? - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

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Of course yes I love, the hip hop culture, Although I'm not good for freestyle I like so much too

hey buddy I can't see the photo. I am getting this error


Thanks buddy, Ntopaz.com I guess. tried to use it but ended up editing the post at steemit.com. You're da man!