Java developers REWARDED with smart contracts on NULS

2년 전

Good news! NULS test-net v1.1.0-beta now supports smart contracts


In this version, developers can deploy, view and invoke smart contracts on test-net. We invite members of the NULS community to participate in the testing process and provide feedback on bugs and any possible vulnerabilities. We ultimately aim to launch a secure and stable network, delivering a reliable user-friendly experience. Please send your feedback to

About Smart Contracts
NULS smart contract is based on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). The smart contract interpreter supports the programming language of JVM seamlessly. It supports customized applied logic and has a low entry cost and wide application. NULS smart contract is designed as a module, which is pluggable and flexible and operates in isolation to ensure security. In the future, any blockchain built with our Chain Factory solution can easily add the smart contract module and execute various contracts on the chain.

NULS test-net v1.1.0-beta upgrade log
Supports smart contract.
Supports standard token- NRC20.
Provides documents for NRC-20 token standard.
Provides “idea” plug-in for smart contract development.
Provides installation tutorial for “idea” plug-in.
Wallets now support the function of smart contract.
Steps and notices for upgrade
After NULS test-net v1.1.0-beta is launched, please visit to download the new version of test-net wallet.
Install the wallet to a specified directory.
Initiate the new test-net wallet.
Please refer to IDEA Plug-in Installation Tutorial in the compressed package for the installation tutorial.
Please refer to NRC-20 Token Standard in the compressed package for smart contract files.
Please message @Nulser in Telegram and provide us your test-net wallet address to receive your test tokens. You can also add WeChat account nulsio.
Thanks for your support!

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