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Respiratory Patterns

There are multiple breathing patterns with names and outcomes associated with each one. I will breakdown each breathing pattern here, and what they mean.

Patterns -


  • Description -

Quiet, regular breathing; 12-20 BPM

  • Associated factors -

Normal pattern


  • Desription -

Breathing rate increased (>24 BPM), with quick, shallow breaths

  • Associated factors -

Fever, exercise, anxiety, respiratory disorders


  • Desription -

Breathing rate abnormally slow (<10 BPM)

  • Associated factors -

Depression of respiratory center by increased intracranial pressure, brain damage, or medications


  • Desription -

Overexpansion of the lungs, characterized by rapid and deep breaths

  • Associated factors -

Extreme exercise, fear, anxiety, diabetic ketoacidosis, aspirin overdose


  • Desription -

Underexpansion of the lungs, characteried by shallow, slow respirations

  • Associated factors -

Drug overdose, head injury

Cheyne-Stokes respirations:

  • Desription -

Rhythmic respirations, going from very deep to very shallow or apneic periods

  • Associated factors -

Heart failure, renal failure, drug overdose, increased intracranial pressure, impending death

Kussmaul's breathing:

  • Desription -

Respirations abnormally deep, regular, and increased in rate

  • Associated factors -

Diabetic ketoacidosis


  • Desription -

absence of breathing for several seconds

  • Associated factors -

Respiratory distress, obstructive sleep apnea

Biot's breathing

  • Desription -

Respirations abnormally shallow for two or three breaths, followed by irregular periods of apnea

  • Associated factors -

Meningitis, severe brain injury

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