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Requires Vital Sign Assessment:

As a Nurse I will be required to assess vital signs on a regular basis, and these are the times that I will have to be obligated to do so.

  • On admission to a health care agency, to establish baselines.

  • As part of a physical assessment.

  • During an inpatient stay, as routine monitoring.

  • With any change in health status, especially complaints of chest pain or shortness of breath or feeling hot, faint, or dizzy.

  • Before and after surgery or invasive procedures to establish baselines and monitor effects.

  • Before and after administration of medications that impact cardiac, respiratory, or thermal regulation systems.

  • Before and after interventions such as ambulation (walking).
    In ongoing care, to detect improvement in patient condition.

  • Before discharge or transfer from a unit, to validate patient readiness.

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