The Importance of Seeded Fruit

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Eating fruit is not only a delicious and tasty treat, but is also incredible good for you! But when it comes to eating fruit it's extremely important to make sure your fruit has SEEDS.


As I've mentioned in previous posts sticking to Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide includes cutting out and hybrid foods and only eating naturally occurring foods from the earth. Hybrid foods are high in starch (a binder) and thus create mucus buildup in the body. And mucus is the beginning of any disease. In addition to not eating hybrid foods (such as carrots, beets, kiwis, pineapple, etc) it is vital that the natural, mucusless foods you choose to consume contain seeds!


When you think about it in the most simple way it makes perfect sense. How do plants grow? From a seed. So if something is SEEDLESS then it can't be natural. Plants needs seeds to keep the life cycle going so when a fruit is lacking seeds, like seedless grapes or a seedless watermelon is has obviously been altered by man. These means that even if a food is technically approved by Dr. Sebi, don't eat it if it's seedless.

Unfortunately this makes finding both grapes and watermelons in the states nearly impossible. But every once in a while you'll get lucky. Shopping at farmers markets is always a good way to find organic and seeded watermelons. As for the grapes, good luck and let me know where you find seeded ones so I can get some too!

Fruit is the best way to break fast in the morning. It's easy on your tummy, delicious and high in water content. This is what I ate this morning.


Melon, papaya, mango, and wild cucumber (which I had never tried until this trip to Australia). Obviously I devoured it all. Minus the seeds themselves, although many seeds hold incredible health benefits themselves.. something I'll address in a later post.


One last thing on fruit, when you quit eating processed sugar fruit will begin to taste sweeter and sweeter as your tastebuds recover from years of consuming artificial sweetness and came sugar. Fruit is now my candy. And who doesn't want candy for breakfast?

Creeflow on with SEEDS in your fruit.

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Naturallistic fallacy.

Natural doesn't mean healthy. Tobacco is natural, yet smoking it isn't.

Finding seeds in your fruit doesn't mean it's healthy. It can be loaded with pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

I can't see why seedless fruit would be unhealthy if it's devoid of harmful chemicals.

Btw - 'natural', is a very subjective term. It can be one thing to me, completely another to you,and there's no objective definition about it.


lots of fruits have been genetically engineered throughout history to contain less or no seeds. i think this might be what @creeflow is going on about. That it is as nature intended it. Tobacco is viewed as healthy practice in native American cultures, for healing and cleansing properties. but tobacco smoking has been abused as an everyday habit unfortunately, when u smoke 20 pre packed cigs a day, its going to be very detrimental to health. Theres a lot of atmospheric toxic chemicals that enter our lungs every day, that are carcinogenic and we need alot of anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegs to prevent free radical damages.


The fruit wasn't genetically engineered, it was selected. It's different when you fuss around with the actual genes and when you save the best seed for next year.

The same fruits also had a much worse taste and less nutrition. 'Natural' is not always best.

I know about mapacho, I've grown it before for years. It's even more toxic than tobacco that's commercially grown since it contains 10x more nicotine. It yields a powerful stimulative high that might be understood as spiritual cleansing, but in reality it's poisoning in a non-lethal dose.

The purification/detox thing is a myth. The only thing it can purify is your nose if you snort it because it irritates it. Your body reacts by flushing your own water through the nose to clean the tobacco. A byproduct is that the mucus get's diluted in the process, making you breathe easier.

The same effect can be achieved with a little bit of spicy chilli or pepper, but you don't see people snorting chilli powder when they have a flu, do you?

My point was that if something is natural it doesn't mean it's healthy - animal foods are natural too. Yet, they are a proven public health hazard (so is tobacco).

'Unnatural' is sometimes better and natural is sometimes worse.

Natural and good don't consistently come in the same package.

We should look for what's better, not what's natural - that's pointless.

This was really interesting to read. I do wonder how ever if it really is so bad to eat root veggies. I mean potatoe sprout from other potatoes. No seed needed.
I guess I need to read more about it.
I totally agree with you that the less sugar you eat the more fruit will taste :).
I think food in generall taste better now when I eat so clean as I do since my taste buds are no longer used to that artificiall flavour or fatty tastes.


Yeah the root veggies thing was a though one for me too. The idea is that most of the root veggies we find are hybrids that have been altered from their mother's. So if you can find wild purple potatoes or carrots, those would not have the starch and would be better for eating! Everything comes from something so really we just have to find the original plant/fruit/veggie and then eat that.
Yes, food in general totally tastes better without sugar. It's so crazy how much our tastebuds can change, isn't it?!


Ahh I see. I always love to learn new things :).
It's amazing, I can't believe that there is so much now that I like that I never thought I would before :).
When I was an omni I never liked to try new things. I'm still a little picky but I love to try new food and experience new flavour =)


I love learning too, it's amazing how much knowledge is out there in the world! When I was an omni I basically ate pasta and cheese all the time haha, now I love trying tons of new stuff and experimenting with my own dishes to try different flavors:)


Haha, pasta and cheese :D. I wasn't that picky :D.
I think it's amazing how the taste buds develop and how you appriciate the more clean flavours :)

Fruit is my candy too, nice post creeflow!


I can never get enough:) mmmm

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