Causes of obesity among children

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Some children suffer from weight problems, which may lead to serious diseases. Therefore, attention must be paid to the reasons behind weight gain and the treatment methods to be followed and at what age the weight of children can be reduced:
1-The psychological causes:
Psychological factors at home and outdoors play a key role in weight gain among children. It is therefore important to understand and support your child, so that his or her reaction is not negative towards the healthy diet.
2-Parents lack of awareness:

  • Parents' lack of awareness to monitor the correct weight of the child is a cause of children’s obesity.
    3- School meals:
    Children often resort to processed meals instead of eating school meals that their mothers prepare at home. This may increase the child's weight significantly because these meals contain a large proportion of calories the body stored quickly in the form of fat, so make sure to prepare a school meal of your child's favorite ingredients so that they do not resort to the outdoors prepared meals.
    4- Lack of Water
    Drinking a large amount of water helps protecting the children’s bodies from the risk of droughts and helps them to get hydrated. The intake of water also helps to increase the feeling of fullness and lack of desire to eat unhealthy and high-calorie meals.
    5- Nutrition:
    Eating a small amount of food facilitates for the child burning the calories, so provide adequate amount of food to your child and do not increase the quantity unless he is doing great kinetic activities that help him burn calories in food.
    6- juices and sweetened beverages:
    A child who is eating a little food and a lot of sweetened beverages that have a bad health effect, suffers from overweight . So keep these harmful drinks away and replace them with natural drinks so that the child's body benefits from natural fruits.
    7- Lack of movement:
    Sitting for a long hours in front of television or playing on mobile devices causes the storage of calories in the form of fat in the child’s body.

8- Processed sweets:
Children want to eat processed sweets along the day and this sweet contain a large percentage of calories as well as it has lots of health risks on their bodies because they contain a large amount of chemicals.

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