Challenge - stay at home share 3 photos (day7)

3개월 전
in oc

Hello friends
this challenge consists of sharing some moments that you have portrayed either on your mobile phone or on your camera.
consists of taking 3 photos and posting with a description of it, we’ll stick together and get over it together



On one of my short walks and away from the general population, I found this beautiful animal that was curious and ended up wanting to enter the photo in a special way and, as such, just look at his incredible reaction, I ended up having to pet her.

I spent 2 of my 3 daily photos right away, but I think it is necessary, because I want the same thing that you see the reaction


Finally the scenery that surrounds me to cut the
breath of this endless land with wheat, the sky also helps a lot because the clouds fit very well in the space where I am.

I hope you liked it, tomorrow I'll be back with another day, see you tomorrow DREW0

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