ANDREW YANG: Bringing Revolutionary Change in US Economy

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Get the current updates about Yang & Crypto from @yanggang by following @acidyo sharing with us on the interview of Andrew Yang about how he sees Crypto going to help the US Economy & the implementation methods Get the interview from @acidyo here:. You can also follow @theycallmedan for this Steem Awareness Creation in diverse ways. The various hastags are very important: #quora, #yaggang, #protest/Name of country + #protests, #posh & #promo-steem. These hastags should link to Twitter, incase you share on Steem Blockchain to make your post get reach to many people.

I followed the interview shared with us on Yang & Crypto stuff by @acidyo just some hours ago. It was about 15mins interview audio, which provides a detailed explanations on Crypto and other policies he has mentioned in his campaign message. But, to understand what Yang shared with us during the interview; I summarized it as "Andrew Yang is Bringing Revolutionary Change in US Economy." This involves 4 major key areas of his campaign messages which were again coined in his interview. That is: "Crypto regulations, The UBI, The Medicare & The labor force."

Revolutionary change involve a complete or drasically change which bring positive results & development. Though Yang is aspiring for US Democratic Presidential Election coming 2020. Crypto Tech is operated in the Whole World, not US alone. So, I believe if Yang is luckly to win this US Democratic Presidential Elections, having the Crypto regulations implemted is going to hit the whole World. Revolutionary change in Cryptocurrency means controlling & managing so that it value would never be looking down upon. Monitoring how it's use, its trading and investment. Because we have key stakeholders in the carbinet of presidency, who can help Cryptocurrency to improve & supported if they back Crypto Tech with their Spirit. One of these carbinet is the President. Looking at Yang having the vision becoming US President, he can back Crypto with his heart, Spirit and ideas to move Cryptocurrency forward.

The Universal Basic Income(UBI) is another revolutionary change Yang would like to help the US to implement. The "Freedom Divident' as we put it. Where every individual of US gets $1,000 for every month. This is going to close the gap between the poor and the rich. If you have economy that an average man can live with comfort; afford the basic necessity in life; such as: food, clothing, utility bills and other things we need for living to become easy. Freedom Divident means freedom of economically live and afford things which were becoming difficult for you to get them. We are also introduced to Medicare policy through the campaign message. The idea that would revolutionary or completely change the US system of health care delivery. What I mean about changing the US system of Health Care Delivery is that, many of the US individuals bear the cost of most of their health care delivery, but with this policy, Yang is saying that he will offer free health care for every individual of US citizen, even, the private insurance policy is optional to this policy- Yang will not limit them, but it would be operated along side, si that whoever wish can opt for.

Many jobs are lost by individuals, every hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, making many individuals jobless & unhappy through robots taking over many jobs from human work force. This problem has made many workers becoming redundant at work fields where robots are work intensive. Though, Yang isn't going to pause the operation of robots in US, but he is going to find means where many individuals are going to fix well in the job market. This means that the working trends is revolutionary going to change in US so that more people who are suffering from losing their jobs or not having some at all would be fixed at some place. I believe this sounds good for Yang & the US economy, bring a lot of positive impact in US. There are also many other revolutionary changes in the rest of his polices in addition to these ones which I would like us to reveal them later.

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