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Hey there people of the HIVE.

There's a saying "another day another dollar" Hah!!! I geuss that doenst count when your in a lockdown😂💵 well I mean if you dont know about HIVE, but atleast I can earn a dollar or two on the HIVE blockchain hey guys. We should really figure out a legit way to promote this platform because not alot of people know of this🤔😐

Anyhow peeps. After last night's rain and boy was it some good rain we received! I woke up this morning made a cup of coffee went outside and saw these insane beautiful clouds and I absolutely could not resist to take a photo. Ok yeah the photo is edit a little but with a dramatic filter but I think it came out real nice... I thought it was a but overdone at first but mehhhh who cares I do edit them for myself after all👀

Oh and I took some monochrome photos. Or rather I edited them into monochrome. I am personally very fond of the brickwall, it came out alot better than even I expected it would, there's art in everything you just have to be able to see that art, you have to have an open mind too what can be art and people anything can be... Even grains of sand its all about the angles haha... or thats probably just my positive outlook on everything.


I wonder for how many years this tin can has been in this bush🤔 it must be atleast 5 years, and I wonder what the reason was for putting it on that specific place. Does it server a purpose or is it just because of pure lazyness to throw it away... Hmmmm I geuss thats a truth I will never be able to find out.

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Sooo today was one of those lazy days, it was cloudy the whole day through, it started raining again about 20 minutes ago and again im feeling blessed for the rain we need as much as we can get before the winter starts.

I did a little work on the model airplanes not much but I sticked on all the smaller parts that you basicly need tweezers for.. Boy was that a struggle with my big fingers but none the less I got it right!.

After that I did absolutely nothing I chilled on my bed and binged watch season 8 of the walking dead which is long overdue by the way, not even sure at what season it is now.


Atleast I let the dogs out into the field before the day was over, haha these dogs seem quite peacefull until you let them loose into the VELD then its like something breaks inside them, they absolutely love running around playing in the mud... And yes that white dog especially she wasnt white after she got home again 🐶😂😂. But its no problem aslong as they have fun every thing is good.

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