Hannes Mehnert on MirageOS and OCaml: Functional programming is about better code maintenance and program understanding


Our backend engineer, Pavel Argentov, travelled to Marrakech, Morocco to attend the ninth MirageOS retreat, which was held from March 13–19, 2020. The goal of the event is to bring both experienced and brand new MirageOS users together to collaborate and sync various MirageOS subprojects, start new ones, and help each other fix bugs.

At the event, Pavel spoke with Hannes Mehnert, the co-author of MirageOS and host of the event, about his work with MirageOS and OCaml. He gave us some details about his contributions to MirageOS and why he joined the project. He also explained the benefits of functional programming and why he was initially drawn to it.

Read the full interview with Hannes Mehnert

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