Illustration: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

3년 전

Hey steemers! This is an illustration I did a while back for an official MMPR art show concurrently with the movie’s release.


This piece depicts a distraught group of rangers while we’re left to question what has happened to both the red and green rangers. A feud over the high score perhaps?! Who knows!
Tommy’s green dagger is stabbed into the screen tho, so he was obviously upset over something...

I love the idea of putting characters in front of their own fictitious arcade cabinets, so this was my first attempt at that.

Thanks for peepin this post everyone. I appreciate it!

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Nice one! Maybe Tommy was upset because there is no green Joystick ;D


haha probably! I like to think Jason and Him had an epic battle afterwards.

Ha!! This is fun!

Very cool... I love the mystery of the situation and the caution tape!

hi @tysonjames , i really like your drawing style