Pokemon Project: Gengar

3년 전

A wild Gengar has appeared!


I'm having a lot of fun posting these pokemon, so I thought I'd post the final evolution of Ghastly as well today!

This little critter has a "gremlin" feel to him -- I think the mouth really helps convey that sense of mischievousness in the design. My favorite part about this character is the increase in complexity from its earlier evolutions. From ball, to tear drop, to egg -- I think this character in all its iterations were very well thought out and executed.

Here are the previous two evolutions:

Ghastly | Haunter

(Animation found on giphy)

Have a pokemon you'd like to see me make? Let me know! I'll be posting an Eevee and an Oddish for @vermillionfox per her request.

Thanks for following along, steemers. I appreciate it!

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I'm seriously in love with your Pokemon drawings xD... They are so cute and adorable !!!
I love how Gengar looks both cute but also a bit creepy! Is wonderful!
May I be able to request an Alolan Vulpix or a Mareep? ♥ ♥ ♥
In any way, keep being awesome! >u<


I know right?! He's a hidden gem! Needs more views and upvotes!

I love your drawings! Gengar is one of my favs! I love ghost Pokémon! Can I request Mimikyu or maybe Manaphy? Those are my absolute favorites! Also, let me just shamelessly plug my most recent post. I'm starting to do trading card game unboxings on this platform. If you're interested come check it out. I would love to meet more Pokémon fans on here!

Great artwork! I'm glad I found out about your account in the curation lounge!

This is so cool, I love those little tiny thin fingers ahaha!

Nice work... very elusive creature!