Pokémon Project: Oddish

3년 전

a wild Oddish has appeared!


Thanks @vermillionfox for the suggestion!

This is another pretty basic design where I just lowered the eyes and tweaked the proportions to give it a more baby feel.

Also, @steemcleaners flagged my eevee post and I’m not sure why...does anyone know what sort of recourse I can take? I didn’t realize they were capable of removing all rewards from a post...great for flagging spam! But bad when they make an error and flad a legit post. :/

Thanks for following along, steemers. I appreciate it!

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This Oddish is great!

There was a big mistake with Steamcleaners. Somebody had plagiarized your post so I reported them and they must have switched it by mistake! I will contact them to get it fixed. Sorry bro!!!

This is the thief:


Thanks for the help my dude! I appreciate that. Bummer they got it backwards initially hahah

May be go steemit chat "help" chat room and ask for help. there is steemcleaner chat room too.


Thanks for the help! They corrected the mistake. :p

i like your post all time,,,you are so wow guy

My heart just melts seeing this! It’s so cute! Is there a way for me to purchase prints from you? Also, sorry to hear about your Eevee post getting flagged by accident!


Aw thank you so much! I haven't really had my work up for sale up online recently, but if you're interested in a print I've been talking with people on discord to discuss details! I'd be happy to sale ya one.

Discord: tysonjames #4672


Sweet! I’ll be sure to message you! Edit: apparently I don’t know how to add people correctly on discord. 😭 why is technology so complicated!?

I contacted them on steemit.chat about the mistake and they fixed it. I guess they just got mixed up.