People's Future

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I work for a transportation company.
In fact, it is the second largest transport company in the world.

And, as such, it cannot stop, otherwise it would not be possible to access our most essential goods and the economy was not occupied, with even worse effects than we have already experienced.

In this crisis, we discovered that, in the smallest details, we value what really matters and with that I speak of the small worker (garbage man, super market box, driver, etc ...)

Right now, we live in a panic of being fired and the obligation to give the body the bullets for the good of the society in which we live.

Although all of this is falling, we all want just enough groceries to be able to eat without starving
Despite being a kid and having a lot to live for, I admit that sometimes my fear overwhelms myself and the strong personality I have
Yes, I have never lived in wars or the time of dictatorships, but you more experienced probably also never lived something like that and are as afraid as I am.
And quite confused.

Being scared and normal, yes, I know.
But thinking about the future, where will my future be?
And where will yours be?
what about us without food on the table again?
I was born at the end of the century when I lived between the change between the old world and the new world in which things developed every year before the eyes.

Yes today I am afraid of dying and I am afraid of my future too
This is just an explosion, for me this is all new, and I already realized that it will not return to normal the way it was.

I'm afraid of the future but for now I can only serve the Portuguese State and wait....





I took these pictures when I still had the smile on my face and I felt happy
Certainly from now on the world will not be the same!

Thank you to all who do not give up and who, despite sacrificing their safety, are present to guarantee our well-being within the possibilities of our daily lives.


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