Gradual Lifting Of Quarantine in Greece

2개월 전

Since Monday there is a gradual lifting of the quarantine in Greece. One of the most "important" thing that got lifted was the written sms/form. You see when we wanted to get out of our houses we should fill a form or send an sms and choose a number from 1 to 6

That number was the reason we are going out, for example exercise, supermarket, doctor etc etc. Ofc most of these had to be around your town, you couldn't just go for a walk in a nearby borough.

Anyway, this sms/form is in the past now, so we can easily move throughout Athens anytime we want to. Also, another thing that we can do is go for shopping,for a haircut,nail saloon etc etc. In fact, i will have my haircut in a couple of hours! (right now i am looking like a christian priest!)

In a couple of weeks the schools will open and mostly everything else but there are some "strict" measures that both the business owners and ofc every civilian has to follow. Briefly we need to wear masks in specific places and the shop owners can have a given number inside their stores depending on the square feet.

The comical but sad thing was that when the quarantine lifted everyone just spread out! I had to see that many people out for too long. Just imagine a music festival and take all that people and put them in a park or in a popular street.

Those are mostly of a younger age from 15 to 30 trying to act cool as well as how hard was the quarantine for them. I saw over 20 stories with the phrase "finally freedom" from the same people that everyday were out for "exercise" :P

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