Farming In Nigeria



About 70 per cent of the people of Nigeria are farmers. Farming is hard work. During the planting season farmers must cut down the thick bush and clear the area. After the must cut down the bush the must plant a seeds. They must give the land free of weeds while the plant are small.
Sometime the young plant die because there no enough rain, and sometime the die because there is rain is too heavy.

Sometimes the plant are eaten by insects and at other times they don’t grow well because the soil is poor. Farmers watch their crops anxiously.
If the crop has grown well, then harvest time is a happy season. Everyone works hard to gather in the yams, maize, sugar cane, or whatever is growing on farm. People sing and dance and there is plenty to eat.

Many young people don’t want to be farmers. They want an easier job in an office where there are sure of their money. This is sad because we must grow more food in our country to feed the growing population. The government give loans to farmers. Farmers can become rich, now, if the use the modern methods and buy tractors and ploughs to help them on their farms.

If a farmers has got a tractor, he can plough large area of land and increase the size of his farm. Instead of keeping a large a dozen of hen-houses and a poultry farm with thousands of hens.
Farming in Nigeria is changing.

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