Covid19 - Curse or blessing? My body is locked in, but my spirit is free!

8개월 전

Maybe many people disagree with me, but I undertake what I write. These thoughts came to my mind during my walk today. Because the last pandemic ("Spanish flu") was exactly 100 years ago, people no longer remember what happened then. Yet, it is there in the collective unconscious (see C. G. Jung) and manifested in transgenerational (see Bert Hellinger) schemes. The effects of subconscious fears last for generations. How to get out of this fear? Only through awareness and especially self-awareness.


Coronavirus is a symbol, a projection of human fears.

Everyone has their own reality that he or she creates. Everyone has a reality of their own creating, but these different realities affect everyone. Observe your feelings and you will see that most of them are not yours. If you react unconsciously to bad or scary news, your negative thoughts and fears will affect others. Some are most worn by physical closure and/or economic consequences. I admit, I suffer because I live in a block of flats (without a balcony), and if there will be a curfew, I can't go out to the nature. Now, however, this period is about turning to ourselves, finding inner peace and balance.
It is a time of great blessing and grace when we can radically change our relationship with ourselves and our environment and connect with the higher consciousness, the Creator.


From the point of view of the materialistic average person: The virus is a curse! Lots of people get sick and many of them die. In addition, the authorities are locking us in our homes and ruining our economy. They don't let us have fun, go to the cinema and cafes, we can't travel, we can't swim in the sea under palm trees. Stock markets are falling, even cryptos! Negative news with death statistics are also flowing on TV and radio channels.

What if you started treating all these things as interesting points of view that don't belong to you?

Let's see the other side of the coronavirus and think globally! How much CO2 emissions and air pollution have been reduced? In the metropolises, the sky is blue again, not gray or brown! The lagoons of Venice are clean again, Mediterrain ports are full of fish and dolphins! Birds also nest in places where they could not be seen because there was too much traffic. People help each other. They go shopping for the elderly. Many people sew face masks for free to health care professionals and other endangered groups. Children can be with their parents or grandparents without having to get up early and rush to school. Online shops, courier services, online education, local food producers, artisans can profit from the situation. These are just some of the positive physical facts. What can you add to that?


Physical gains can be many, but spiritual ones are priceless and infinite! God created the human spirit in His and Her own image, as an infinite being! Beyond duality, this Virus situation is a small insignificant episode. A little ass kick for humankind to wake up and be ready for change! Because the like attracts the like, so the fear attracts the object of fear.

Face your subconscious fears, examine them, and contemplate on them. Write them if you need! You will notice that these terrible things are shrinking! They finally become ridiculous and insignificant! You love them because they are so small and harmless.

Keep calm, relax! No fear - no stress - no illness!

(Illustrated with my abstract artworks)
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