Market Friday goes to street market of Mirpur


Hello dear friends, I have shots many tasty fruits in the street market of Mirpur via my smartphone HUAWEI P30 lite. Thanks for @dswigle contest by #MarketFriday.

I went to see my sick neighbor with my family so I bought two kg orange, one kg apple and one kg grapes in my area street marketplace. There are lots of big shopping mall in Dhaka city where everything gets. But some street market is situated of our own area. Then some native fruits are getting available here. It was reasonable price and bought easily from the street market. Have a nice day with pleasant marketfriday.

Recently corona virus (COVID-19) has spread around the whole world extremely way again. our government has some step next 14 days. And as a state person we should have maintained this rules strictly. So it has slight stopped everything but we will do everything through online. Livelihood of some street people is going to pass very difficult in this days. However I hope they will retrieve this tight situation. So it is time to thinking all over the world people what we should do to survive our own country people in this days. Have a nice market place with super weekend for everyone.



The benefits of eating an apples a day are various such as apples reduce lower high cholesterol and blood pressure, cancer prevention, improve digestion and healthy immune system. It is also known as diabetes friendly fruit. If you eat regular apples, you will also reduce weight.

There are some amazing benefits of grapes such as resveratrol, reduce inflammation and may help protect against cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It is one kind of antioxidants so it is easy to incorporate into your diet and it is also popular as juice or wine.







Especially i thanks respectable @tattoodjay, @c0ff33a, @ace108 and @adalger, lovely @dswigle and @melinda010100 for their nice contest and support to encourage me. And all other friends too.

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