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Once Sunday i was listening to my pastor preaching the gospel
And all he talked about was Jesus Christ and the apostle
He elaborated on their humility and their ability to inscribe epistle
To be sent as either a message or an adage to a place where Christ-less people settle

This note talks about purpose
What do you live for?
What are you going to die for?
For a penny or the ladies that you always call baby
Even though that grown ass women ain't babies at all

Live your life for Christ.
God made you anew
But with the pollution of the world you're beginning to rust
And you are infecting people all over the earth crust

I'm not here to rhyme but please allow me to sound melodramatic
In order to dramatize our plight
For if heaven is up there, where's your ticket to the flight

I know some people do what they do because they have given up
They have waited on the miracles of God but they never showed up
Meanwhile the true prophets have been preaching and the fake ones have been talking
About Ecclesiastes 3:1 which says there's a time for everything and a season for ever
activity under the heavens

Repent and don't be a son of the world
For whoever seeks the heavens first is a blessing
Don't be living for the devilish applauds
For the world will applaud you but what do you want as an ending

You wont find an answer if the God factor us not in the equation
Jehovah holds the key to everything since the beginning of creation
And for every imperfection that exists, there's a required solution
He made sure of that
Yours is not doubt but to bow to the kingdom above
And when your season is due, GLORY will be yours to shout

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