Story of getting to Super Moon over the lake in desert

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One thing that I'm really thankful for happening in my life is meeting my real good friend Navid and now I'm getting to know his little brother, Nima as well. He has shown me a new aspect to living in Iran( I just moved back to Iran last year, after living in the Philippines for 10 years).

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One example, can be him introducing me to the world of yoga and of course a great, open-minded group of people with a great taste for adventure. So knowing them is bringing some cool happenings to my life, and one them just happened last Thursday when we headed to desert to get a chance to watch the Super Moon.

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Our ride was a bout 5 hours and we went through diverse climates. We had to pass by the green fields and mountains with snow on them to get to our sandy and hot destination.

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Along the way, we got to see some ancient ruins and they did not disappoint either. They had some chilling and heavy
feels to them attached which you can only really comprehend by being present in that place. Many lives had been lived within those old mud made walls.

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The two brothers however, knew how to crack us all up with their goofy and funny actions. On this one they were playing a part of a classic role-play. :D

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After exploring the ruins, we had to meet our team leader at a nearby mosque. We were going to drive through the desert as one big group of cars to get to the lake located in the heart of sizzling sands of Shahdad, where in summer, temperature can rise up to 62 degrees Celsius .

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Let me tell you more about what happened next, and what experiences we had on the weekend in my future posts.
What we saw and went through, really amazed the hell out of us!

Thanks for reading. :)

Peace! <3

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