Tomato Lunch

2년 전

Before going home, we had to make one last stop to have lunch with the yoga tribe. And new to all of this, I got to have another memory of how cool this group of people can be.
This one although very delicious, started messy! :D

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Saying goodbye to the diamond lake wasn't easy, but we had to get on the road as our other hungry group mates were waiting for us.
So we said our goodbyes to the lake and go on the road, knowing that we had made them wait.

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Passed through the desert and got to the green mountain parts of the province. It took us around an hour to get from the dry desert to the green and cool locations of Kerman (yes Iran can be that diverse in climate).

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Finally, we reached to the place where our group was chilling at. Got out of the car, we were worried if our master was mad at us or something.

Thankfully they were too soaked in the process of cooking that they didn't even notice us. But they started giving us orders to help in the process of cooking Mirzaghasemi(A iranian dish made with tomato, eggplant and egg).

So we started gathering dry wood for the fire and we also had to break them in small pieces. Personally I love gathering wood for fire as it's been one of the things I've been really excited about doing since I was a child.

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But do you know what I don't enjoy doing ?! Cutting tomatoes!
One of the girls took a shot at me about not doing enough and my dear ego went through a very painful time! She was joking though( NOT). So I got a knife and started cutting them juicy tomatoes. Honestly though they got faster when I joined them(I have to tap myself on the shoulder a bit, come on!).

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The food was really good for me since it was actually my first time eating Mirzaghasemi. We chilled a bit more and played cards. I also made coffee before getting on the road because we had around 3 hours of driving before getting to our beloved city, Sirjan.

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I'm starting to enjoy my life in Iran now. But adjusting was not easy. These people have a very big part in my recovery from the depression I was going through. I cannot wait to do more of these trips with them.}

Thank you for reading this. :)

Peace! <3

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