OCD Account Weekly Update - #2

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OCD Weekly Accounting Update

Hey Everyone! In the spirit of transparency that @ocd was built on, I will be using this account to post the weekly @ocd accounting metrics that determine the stakes and payouts for each curator. I currently maintain all of this information in various spreadsheets, and these weekly posts will consist mostly of screenshots of the information and a brief explanation if needed.

For any questions on how the payouts for the @ocd curators are calculated you can see @acidyo's most recent post here. We are currently in the middle of transitioning to the new payout/staking structure discussed in his post, so this current update and the next couple weeks will reflect a hybrid payout structure (old+new) in various aspects. Without further ado, here are the most recent statistics reflecting Week 27 for the English Curation group and Week 15 for the International Curation group.

English Curators - Week 27

Weekly Stakes

Week 27 Stakes.png

Curators earn 1 stake for nominating a post each day, they earn 1 additional stake if that nomination is chosen to be included in the daily compilation post. Currently curators that are searching for ocd-resteems each day are also earning 1 stake per resteem found, once we have completed the transition to the new payout structure these curators will no longer earn a stake for each resteem and will instead be rewarded through earning sbd. Our in house plagiarism checker @guyfawkes4-20 earns 2 stakes each week for ensuring the posts have been checked for plagiarism using his premium Grammarly account.

Weekly SBD Payout

Week 27 SBD.png

The SBD earned through each compilation post is divided as follows:

  1. 50% of SBD earned is awarded to the post author
  2. 25% of SBD is evenly divided between all active curators
  3. 25% of SBD is divided between the curators of the selected nominations

International Curators - Week 15

Weekly Stakes

Week 15 Stakes MultiLang.png

Each post included in the compilation post earns 2 stakes. These 2 stakes can be split between the two curators for each language if they are splitting the work, or awarded to a single curator if he or she has done the curation work for that post.

Weekly SBD Payout

Week 15 SBD MultiLang.png

The SBD earned through each compilation post is divided as follows:

  1. 20% of SBD earned is awarded to the post author
  2. 40% of SBD is evenly divided between all active curators
  3. 40% of SBD is divided between the curators of the nominated posts

For any questions regarding how these values are calculated please feel free to reach out to me on Discord @mk40#8265.

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Read all about the new @OCD-Witness on @Acidyo's Announcement Post.

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NOTE: Author rewards from, this post constitute the weekly pay to @mk40 for accounting work done.

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Transparency is key in a work enviroment such as Steemit. Thank you for keeping everything transparent and for creating this great inniciative. Cheers

Hey @ocd-accounting, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

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Nice post! And Interesting graph. I followed you.