The Egyptian Geese Harry and Sally are back!

2년 전


They are not as fancy as the swan above, but I love the wing play of our Egyptian Geese.

Harry and Sally returned after their 5 month summer holiday, to our great relief. At first there was an argument with the other geese, but they soon settled into their normal routine!
Come have a look!

IMG_7910 (2).JPG

Look at the great entrance to the breakfast table!
Harry has not lost his swagger!


And his queen, Lady Sally arrived with her skirts neatly in place!

IMG_7896 (2).JPG

Harry showed us his passport photo!

IMG_7894 (2).JPG

I think Lady Sally looks more beautiful on her passport photo!
She told us that she had a special eyelash job done by her private beautician before the photo for her passport was taken Lol.

IMG_7897 (2).JPG

This photo was taken on their luxury boat cruise and Harry told me that they also saw @dswigle on their cruise!


The special couple here approached the breakfast table with royal dignity!


We feed them a special high protein bread and Harry likes to dip his in the water so that it doesn't get stuck in his throat when he swallows!


Hi lady practices the same modus operandi!


After breakfast, King Harry announced to the world that they are back!


Finally, it was time for the morning nap.

And That's All Folks!

What a joy to see their return here to our place for the breeding season. Their kids were born and gone when we moved in here after winter last year, but Harry and Sally stayed for awhile to make friends with us.
Then after a month or two they disappeared and it was sad not to see them every day anymore.

Today I figured out that they have returned here to nest and to breed a new crop during winter. We saw their youngsters hanging around here at times on the roof tops, but they never came close to us. Every time that we saw the youngsters, it sadly reminded us about Harry and Sally.
But now they are back and as you saw here, we are friends again.

The wisdom of nesting in winter means that the new breed will have the next Spring and Summer seasons to gather strength to survive during the following winter.

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes.
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60HD

We hope that you enjoyed the pictures and the story.

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