The smaller residents in our garden!



The Praying Mantis greets everyone here in this community!

Today I will show you some smaller beauties that visit our garden here in South Africa.
Lockdown keeps us at home, but there is always something going on here.
Come and have a look!


This is a "Parachilus capensis" wasp collecting water to build its mud nest!


Here we have the large "Delta emarginatum" also collecting water for its mud nest!


Just an ordinary Cape lizard giving me the eye!


A lovely "Cape Skimmer" dragonfly enjoying the afternoon sun.

IMG_9353 2.JPG

And finally an adult "Dwarf Chameleon" came to greet you all!

Yes, like naughty children we have all been sentenced to stay at home Lol, but not really, as we are trying to break the virus cycle.
A little bit of dry humor here as maybe it can elicit a smile somewhere.

The doggies ask why are all of the humans wearing muzzles (masks) hahaha.

Perk up and know that life is full of surprises even at home. I grab my camera and go to sit quietly in our small garden. Soon the action starts all round as the amazing little creatures start to appear.

We sincerely hope that everyone here will have a great day.
Remember, it is always what we make of it!

Hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity!

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