We call them "Flying Foxes"!


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A new discovery last night! Giant Fruit Bats!

Every morning we find a big mess under the palm tree at the front of our house. I thought that it was the squirrels and other night animals that feasted on the tree's fruit.
But last night we discovered something quite different!
Have a look!


Look at the mess under the tree that we see every morning.
Of course I sweep it all up!


Big bats and they sound like pigeons flying past my head in the darkness!


Now the idea is to get clearer shots of these flying foxes and I have to make a plan!


The light was good, as the moon was entering it's full Easter period, but I have to get a proper night camera.

These guys are very big and they have teeth, so I cannot try to grab one when they swoop past close to my head. But I don't like to catch anything in nature unless they are damaged and then we fix and release them.

Hopefully I will bring you clear pictures of the flying foxes soon.

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I didnt know you had bats there I used to see them at night when we lived in Singapor and they can be so active and make such a mess


Ah! But these bats have appointed me as their sweeper JJ.
Every morning I have to sweep before we can walk out there hahaha.


they just doing their bit to keep you active and healthy LOL


Hahaha, third night now that I am going to try to get them JJ.
No clouds thus far so lets hope it is clear skies at midnight.

  ·  작년

This is now what my grandmother called 'mooi van lelikgeid'... there is something cute and mythical and scary all in one


They are huge and fabulous creatures my friend!
Blessings and thank you!

bats hard to take pics by any means, cool that you've got what you've got.


Thank you my friend. Last night I put a light on the tree and even worse results, so tonight I will try again without the light.


in Russian, they are 'flying mices" xD

could you find their parking lot somewhere on the tree (not in the dark cave) ?... to capture them sleeping during the daylight, with a decent lighting seems a good oprion, but i have no idea is it possible... probably they put themselves to a hideous places..


No I cannot find the place where they sleep, as they come from high up in the mountains.
Would love to get them, but impossible my friend.