Fighting for survival

6개월 전

I was busy this month. Finnaly I started working and I can't be more happy. People are telling me, this won't last, but I really like to work with people especially because they really need help. Working for someone who needs help and the gratitude they show to us, is melting my heart.
These are the people who survived Word War II, the people who survived Hitler and Stalin, the people who had such a life that we cannot imagine.
I even met a grandfather who survived the first and second world war. Sir is 104 years old and always full of energy, friendly and the stories he shares with us are amazing and terrifying at the same time. He personally met Hitler and when I asked him if he was fighting for him because he wanted to or was forced to. He said that there was no choice, or you would fight or you would be killed. Though they sometimes didn't eat for 2 weeks, slept outside in the cold, killing people, though not for their own sake, but because of a gentleman who wanted to rule the world. Fortunately, he failed. Mister said that we can't imagine what it means to kill people forcibly and that this has been a lifeline for you, and he still have nightmares, because he was killing families because of a wrong religion.

This story's are really sad, and is so hard for people to talk about that. I even saw a book where one gentleman kept the records of every man he killed. By name. He killed about 92 people. Mister is very demented and doesn't remember his past, but his possessions and things indicate that he was a great supporter of Nazism. And how do you accept these people? Because of this, you are no less friendly and you still have to take care of them. I live in Austria, a country inhabited by people who fought for Hitler. So all the residents of the nursing home have survived a history that changed the world and people.
This is a past. Is a past for this people not for us. We don't know and we are not aware of what life was 50 years ago. We are not aware of what hunger means and what it means to fight for survival. We are not aware of what it means when you resist leaders and what it means when you no longer follow the principles that destroy the world. You've died.
There was no choice in those times. Either you followed or you died.


Our past. Is our present any better? There are always disagreements between people, we don't always unite and we are still against each other. There are still wars, except that the public doesn't know about them.
So,will our future be any better? We don't know, but hope exists.


Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die. - Herbert Hoover

Guys, thanks for reading and till next time (I hope this time sooner) 😁🤘

Marry Christmas ❤😗

With love, @tinabrezpike

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