Task #10: Steemit's Official Youtube Channel

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Task Details And Guidelines

Follow this blog for task details: https://steemit.com/steemit/@oracle-d/subscribe-to-steemit-s-youtube-channel-and-earn-rewards

Task Entries

Submit "Proof of work" as a single comment under this post. Kindly do not spam the comment section. Only one comment per person is allowed.

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  ·  2년 전

@emsonic Yes I am already subscribed 😉 I just wish that they would make some useful content in the near future and the videos should be a little longer.


They now what they doing ;)

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  ·  2년 전

good 🙃

Subscribed to channel, upvoted and resteemed post. Also shared on Instagram for more visibility



@bxlphabet, @akumagai, @aqsamustafa, @krazzytrukker, @gamer147
Join this easy challenge and earn a little extra.

Proof of Work:

It's your turn now @wandergirl, @gratefulayn, @purepinay, @themanualbot

Subscribed, then watched & liked the video.



Calling steem hustlers to do this task:
@fitinfunfood @traciyork @madushanka @brittandjosie @iamjadeline


Thanks for the shout out, @anggreklestari - I just joined in! 😊

“Proof of Work”
Convido o @casagrande @matheusggr @wiseagent @markitoelias @pataty69 a participarem desse desafio.


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@travelwithus, @iamjadeline, @redpalestino, @sam.hsuu if you have YouTube you can help out.

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Hi I subscribe your channel

My proof

Aqua Super_20190423_123138.png

Subscribed; but it's difficult to post a proof of it! Screen Shot doesn't include my YouTube identity. If I copy-paste any of the screenshots posted here, how would you verify? Anyway, it's your job ...but I'm curious. Here's mine screen shot for the channel subscription:
@fruitdaddy @celestialcow @evecab @chetanpadliya @amy-goodrich
Steemit YT Channel.png

subscribe Done :-)
i am inviting
@holihop @zononi @wonderlamp @elias0ne @ik666


@oracle-d Team, Definitely Steemit have to get more recognition and visibility and without any question YouTube is the right platform to attract more users because mass users are on YouTube only. Keep up the good work team.

Kindly find the below screenshot for your reference.


Tagging @ravisarikonda @chesatochi @juanmolina @mamun123456 @mgaft1

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OK we're going to see if I can comment here on SteemPeak, because Steemit wouldn't let me and kept giving me an error message, lol. Hey @thekeyofh @khackett @averageoutsider @davedickeyyall @yogajill , come subscribe to Steem's official YouTube channel! :) subscribed to steemit screencap.PNG

Finally subscribed
youtube steemit.PNG

Check this out @gbindinazeez @thobby @surgeontee @temilagszy @valchiz

Done the tasks!


@bookoons @pangoli @zizymena @djoi @samest come participate!

Subscribed to channel and liked video (saved to watch later)

Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 5.04.21 PM.png

Hey, let's make this happen :)
@deepsouthpiddlin @phoenixwren @bennettitalia @runridefly @thekitchenfairy @xcountytravelers @raj808 @ecoinstant

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Subscribed to the channel, had taken a long time to get out, soon we will take him to the moon.

Baby´s I invite you to participate in this challenge, and accompany steemit on youtube on his ascent to the moon. @marijo-rm, @equipodelta, @roadstories, @robinsonlgil, @raulj.garcias

My proof of work, all job done. By the way, congrats steemit :)

I will tag several peoples, @chuuuckie, @aamirijaz, @dwiitavita, @amar15, @sabari18, @mawahab, @puliq, @chintya.

"Proof of work"
I am sorry I am quite late... & Thank you so much...

I have Subscribed...

Next Watch: @syehlah @moersal @starlost @dilimunanzar @rijal123 @suheri


I believe it will be cool if @nellyprecy, @theheralds, @johnnywalker1, @polebird, @whitestallion support this noble movement.

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Hi @oracle-d.tasks
As per the instructions I have subscribed to steemit's YouTube channel and here is the screenshot. Will wait for further details. Thanks

Amazing task friends. Let's start working on this and make it a great success..
@certain @sumit71428 @amar15 @hafizulla @ajks

Glad to follow steemit the YouTube channel and will watch videos and share with friends to gain knowledge.



What did I miss 🙈

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I already subscribed long time ago 🐣😉

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Ouch! I was late to the party?

Here's a new task here, subscribe to the YouTube steem account @rufans @dmilliz @rehan @madushanka




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Great concept and this is a way for us all to contribute to our great platform. I am calling on @samminator, @emjoe, @warpedpoetic, @evelyniroh, and @rufans

Nice to see a Youtube channel.
Done all the steps required.

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invito a @purrix @laloretoyya @
maleidamarcano @
moises-moran y @


I would love my great companions to join the crusade @freedomtowrite @jeronimorubio @inesafreedom @techcoderx @akomoajong @nonsowrites @carolinmatthie

Subscribed to channel

Would likewise like @rean @cooperfelix @kayda-ventures @tommy-gun @jeffrey24864 @edwinbeutti to get locally available

Subscribed !


Thank you very much sir @zanoni


Goooooood ! 💙

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My proof

I am calling all vlogers to bounce on board and complete this. @zhangfapei @neilamarcano @bredcovin iskandarishak @abdullah50 @mitchtokita.

Let's do the new task @happyphoenix @gethachan @owner99 @rumoeh.agam @dyslexicmom

I have subscribed and shared the video on my social media too



Subscribed !

Calling my Steemit friend @purepinag @jenny2 @jerry1994 @miller1 @mushfica

I love the power of STEEM! Oracle D is doing great things to unleash it


@superpanz @chrispoho @alexandraioana26 @bozz @stever82

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Upvoted, resteemed and the youtube channel subscribed:
I nominate @xchng, @timvanderbrueck, @faithroswell, @i0024markus and @steakaufeis


Thanks for the information @achimmertens! :)

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I am respecting every one of you to oblige me in doing this









Subscribed and tweeted out for greater visibility.

Proof of subscription


Proof of tweet


I hereby summon @princekelly @harry-heightz @oredebby @julietisrael

My proof

@dmilliz, @pittsburghhodlr, @emsonic, @honourmaus and @lordjeijo All of you should come and play your role.

I have Subcribed to the YouTube channel


@burlarj @ferrate @rehan12 @udezee @donefezy @xawi @ifeoluwa88

Lets do this! 💪

  ·  2년 전

Calling @foodndrin @sujun @villani @destinysaid @valchiz

I am 3,294 number subscribers


I also shared the @Steemit's youtube channel on Twitter for more reach.
Tweet link 1: https://twitter.com/Uyobong3/status/1120024665727041537

Tweet link 2: https://twitter.com/Uyobong3/status/1120026122945691654

Watch @Oracle_D_com's inspiring video on @steemit's Youtube channel. Gain insights on how multiple products can be built in the blockchain space. Steem account creation service http://steem.ninja , is an example. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCszdL-p-oxFW9xQyXT9mkWw?sub_confirmation=1

calling my dtuber and vloger companions.

Proof of Work:


Thanks a lot for tagging me in this @bobskibob! I really appreciate the headsup

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Subscribe and watching done😍
Join it guys @mhossain @mamun123456 @chandpur @minhaz007 @akbarbd

Great idea of promoting the YouTube Channel. Its really good to have a YouTube channel to attract and teach new comers. Idea is great.

I have subscribed that channel.

Here is the proof.

And I am inviting some of my friends to subscribe the steemit youtube channel
@mariita52 @kawsar210 @hossainbd @hafizullah @shortsegments @rahman1 @lalai @shila

I've subscribed to Steemit inc. YouTube channel. Here's the proof:


I've also saved some of the videos to watch later and of course, to share with my friends.


Also retweeted the official tweet


I've also resteemed the post on steem

  ·  2년 전


I am joyfully Invite my Friends Like
@shakilsh @engrsayful @jamesqube @taiuo34 @bxlphabet @fitinfunfood



@xawi, @woodzi, @johnskotts @darrenclaxton @boyerobert

Maybe you guys want to check this out too.

subscribed to YouTube Channel
@maliktalha, @meher04, @afzaal4, @arslan.saleem, @xawi check the task.


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Subscribed, upvoted and resteemed
@silvania @cryptofiloz @marcristina @fgloria @abduljoy

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subscribed! guys & girls lets join in - @livinguktaiwan @catwomanteresa @wanderwithtwo @japanguide @wilhb81

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.11.18 pm.jpg

Subscribed and tasks done!!

@mattclarke @holoz0r @wesphilbin @dfinney @romeskie

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Done Champs! I'd like to nominate @agnikana @dedicatedguy @angelgarz @osmerj @lasocia

youtube  sub.jpg

I just subscribed to the channel and turned the notifications on as well!

I invite @jonsnow1983 @joedukeg @crypto.piotr @proelite @macchiata to do the same!


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Thank you bang @midun

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Proof of work:


Let's showcase our love for this amazing community @dapomola @adesojisouljay @captain-tom @abdulkelly

Subscribed done.

2019-04-23 14.48.54.png

Proof of work. I have already subscribed few minutes ago.

Here is my proof of work.

hey guys...
@ariful9551 @juwel2018 @mdaminulislam @shawonsahriar @fahimmostofa
check this out.
come and show some supports.

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hi @ashikstd always you help me about steemit, it is non stop, keep go with yoir good job, this i better for everyone.

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Subscribed and Steemians tagged

Screenshot (138).png

@greenrun @richq11 @emekasegun @peman @chiama

Thanks for the awesome task @oracle-d And @dapplovers. Completed All The Tasks! I will Like to Invite @ramta @fender @tommyhanse @barbro @babsboard
Friends Lets Earn Some Reward Just By Doing This Simple Task!

Here is my proof :

Here's my proof of work. I guess Steemit will reach a wider audience on Youtube, but maybe they should post on DTube too.

@slobberchops, @bozz, @dickturpin, @todayslight, @paulag may be interested in this.


See, here's some questions:

  1. Why should YouTube be of influence to steem?

  2. YouTube has it's own community so I can't fathom why Steem(it) promotes YouTube and YouTube influencers and yet Steemit seems to get very little in return. Kinda reminds me of that line from Full Metal Jacket "..... you wouldn't do them the courtesy of giving them a reach-around!"

  3. From what I can see, Youtubers only get involved with Steem because it's another revenue stream for them. (Yes I know, cynical Pete strikes again )

  4. My "Proof of Work" is all the posts, votes and resteems I do and the communities I'm an active member of like @partiko and @ShadowBot

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Youtube is useful as it is a massive potential audience who may have a Steem video suggested to them. A lot of Youtubers could benefit from Steem even if they do not earn directly from their videos by re-posting them here.

This 'task' is an opportunity for us to earn some extra Steem by giving this channel a bit of a boost. You may see that I got a very healthy vote on my comment. That will help my SP so I can do more good. Of course there is some self-interest involved too, but I really want to see Steem reach a wider audience.

I am very happy that steemit decided to share our success story with a greates video sharing website youtube.

I am with you and I have already subscribed to the channel and turned on the notification. Below is the screenshot.


I would like to call my friends here to do the same and boost our voice among world.
Come on guys ... Steemit has launch it's own official youtube channel! Subscribe and share with all of your friends.


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Thank you for the tag & heads up @mango-juice 👍👌😎💖🙏

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Tagging @kenanqhd @mistakili @dmilliz @newageinv @minismallholding to participate in this task

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Hey guys, be active here


@gabriel08, @psalmmy, @surgeontee, @realhomie, @valchiz

I also watched the video.


Excellent idea, @oracle-d.tasks! Subbed, played & liked a few videos, shared one to my Facebook page, and Tweeted out the task details post (also tagged some people in it), now tagging @blueeyes8960 @foxyspirit @felt.buzz @plantstoplanks and @chuuuckie. 😊

subbed to Steemit YouTube channel.jpg

  ·  2년 전

Already done @hcc


Duly noted. Thanks :)


Tagging @Nawmi, @Maria3, @Simran9, @mismi @namtra

Here is my entry
Tagging @akashsagar @cagan @cruis @daokid @harpreetjanda

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Helllo guys @proyeise, @dammyone, @joy33, @adebayopaul, @temizino, lets do this new task

I've subscribed, you can also do same
This is evidence of my screenshot

And i also watched the video

So try it out


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Brilliant work! Let's work together to promote our blockchain everywhere!!
Subscribed for sure and I resteemed the other post already.

Peeps come on and join this task!

@elsiekay @techcoderx @graylan @prc @heimindanger @pennsif


Subscribed and the task is done!
Now I'm calling the worst of the worst friends that put my life as it is today. @venzam, @tphn, @chuuuckie, @venice24, and @amricunda.
It's your time to shine.


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Task done and here is the proof of work.

Also call to take part in the task.

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@Oracle-d has a superb structural framework. This is crowdsourcing at it's best.
Great initiative.👍
Thanks for taking time to explain blockchain entrepreneurship with Dapps.
Task done.
I upvoted, resteemed the post. And I also subscribed, watched the videos and commented on the most recent interview video.
Proof of work


I also shared the YouTube channel on my WhatsApp status to increase it's visibility

Come let's make Steemit famous on all social media platforms @oredebby, @ammyluv, @jedaijudith, @druids, @charleswealth

I might want to specify my companion

@jeffrey24864 @arkecosystem @djennyfloro @shawshank-steem @zetacoin @nevlu123

Proof of work

Great work, I've been subscribed for some time now. Glad to see more promotions happening. @dnews @spenceryan @cahlen @enjoyinglife @cgbartow @meno

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Subscribed alredy

invited @jauregui98, @andreacastaneda, @enmy, @dearw, @angelica7

Awesome idea and excited to see our steem community grow!

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Wow, what a good development!

@jesse12 @ewuoso @fatherfaith @jeline @sherrifakin @barineka @angeltirado @empato365 @nicewoody69 @yungchief y'all need to see this

My 'Proof of work' here:)


Hi guys, Please pay attention to this task @the01crow @adal111 @victor26 @freddbrito @fmbs25


Check my "Proof of work"



And also inviting my friends to do the same work-
@ashikstd @hmetu @suntree @jahangirwifii @rdxhuda @madushanka


I call on my friends @Idyjoy @You34 @Thechurch01 @Anicom @Kufray to join this @oracle-d task to bring more awareness to Steemit's youtube channel

Post have been resteemed

SUBSCRIBED, I didnt know it reached 1.7k views, small but its fine. @oracle-d becareful of spam accs that has been milking open tasks ;) .

Tagging people.


been a subscriber since steemfest


@ememovic @mittymartz @pearlumie @illuminatus @ehiboss
Join the train😁😁

Subbed steemit you tube, resteemed and upvoted your other post.
Tweeted one of the videos.

steemit yt sub proof.PNG

to see if they want to join in

Easy task! Just need to subscribe to Steemit Youtube Official Channel!
Let's do it!
@olymim @tattoodjay @redheadpei @enginewitty @travelgirl

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Think I already am hun, but I'll check.

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I'm so confused. What is this about please? :)


It is a campaign to increase the popularity of the Steemit Youtube channel.


Thank you for mentioning me, I will definitely subscribe

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Task Done.

Proof of Work:

I just subscribed to the channel. Great to be able to come in here to watch the videos in one place.


Come and join us:

@daan @katerinamann @soyrosa @d00k13 @frankcapital @elizacheng

Thank you,

I was always subscribed to the channel and here's the screenshot Screenshot_20190422080550.jpg

Calling on @dj123 @idikuci @holybranches @pangoli @chinyerevivian @audrebits @jeline

@maquemali, @atongis, @amayphin at @benotbuday @chrismadcboy2016 . baka interesado kayo.

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@khurshid @fedrarosi @reyajahmedrazu @rezanur-rhaman @steemitwork join this task .. and make steem popular ..

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Subbed Do-Dee-Wubbed!!!


tagging @vaelriey, @tjgecko, @kadishakho, @kristylkho, @kristiankho cmon give Steemit a sub.

@soldier, @sirwinchester, @mrs.steemit and friend looking super cool!!

@andrarchy, you open for interviewing companies who are Steemians? would be cool to do a short one of @coingecko potentially.

Resteem post and Subscribed

I am calling on @tezzmax, @valency1, @dayjee, @saminator @hornblende to take part in this great mission

Thank You :-)