Task #13: TradeIO Launched Fiat Deposits

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Task Details And Guidelines

Go to https://login.oracle-d.com/ and look for the task details in "Trade IO Launched Fiat Deposits! [Twitter Engagement]" task as shown in below image:


Task Entries

  • Submit your entries and/or "Proof of work" as a single comment under this post. Kindly do not spam the comment section.
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Im honored to be the first person to complete this task. Below is a link to my retweet plus comment
twitter engagement.jpg


Here pleased to support them again in another task, here my retweet with a comment 😊


Thank you for your support!!


Your welcome 💖

Indeed, @Tradeio-official is setting the pace with a BETTER, SMARTER, FASTER CRYPTO EXCHANGE service which now accepts FIAT. Thank you @oracle-d for supporting this vision.

@Evegrace @You34 @Kufray @Imaluv54 @Prettyglo, please join us to spread this news.

Below are my proof of work:

My Reply to TradeIO's tweet

My Tweet link and snapshot

My Retweet link and snapshot


Thank you so much for your support Uyobong, it means a lot to us!

Hi - thanks for another useful task.

Link to my tweet/ retweet - https://twitter.com/realsociology/status/1133809675441459200

And a screenshot

Screenshot 20190529 at 19.58.52.png

And a screenshot of my reply

Screenshot 20190529 at 19.59.27.png

They maybe the wrong way around!

My proof of work here:)

Link to my entry tweet:https://twitter.com/iamcitimillz/status/1133680756323160064?s=20

Screenshot of my entry:)

Liked and Retweeted.

Below is the screenshot of my tweet and link. Screenshot_20190529-105148.png


I strongly support if trade.io is one of the places to trade cryptocurrency assets and fiat currency assets.

for that I invited some of my friends to share this support @salim001, @el-ramul, @cobra212, @balcon07 and @muhammaddhavid.



Indeed, @Tradeio-official is setting the pace with a BETTER, SMARTER, FASTER CRYPTO EXCHANGE service which now accepts FIAT. Thank you @oracle-d for supporting this vision.

@ifyredeemer, @shalomfreyma, @peterjap, @andifranky and @anicom join me spread this news

My reply to trade.io tweet

This is a screenshot of my proof of work


Hey @dray91-eu come check this out for easy peasy transaction...
Here's a link to my retweet

Finally the new task arrived, let me call on @ifeoluwa88, @burlarj, @rehan12, @xawi to come on board.

My entry

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Here is my entry.
It's really a great initiative.



Opportunities should be taken:)

It's very necessary and important to have this feature. It's a move that will see more users/traders join the platform.

Link to my tweet

Come check this out guys; @burlarj @ferrate @hermannsol @mango-juice @rehan12 @olaexcel

This is freaking awesome and I would love to contribute in your initiative. I would love to call my few friends to show their contribution as well-
@alokkumar121, @mystry360, @mamun123456, @xawi, @xabi, @sanach, @aamirijaz & @lavanyalakshman .
Come on Guys let's do it right now...

My Tweet Link- https://twitter.com/AmarGupta360/status/1133230662352297985


Innovative, Inspiring, Intelligible

Amazing Platform really like it.Its my proof.

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My twitter link



My Entry:...

its easy to treading site...




It's cool to be a part of this promotion.

Here is my entry. This is a great step by the exchange-


Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 7.53.01 PM.png

Guys check out the task. @adashi

proof of work.

I have done tweet and comment for the task adhering to the guidelines.

Tweet :


I should need to make reference to a segment of my mates for more noteworthy introduction.
tag- @anttn @zanoni @cummins @rdxhuda @ale6grande




Thanks for your support, it means a lot to us!


Thank you so much!

Here is my proof of work:

My tweet link :

Proof of comment :


Proof of sharing :

tagging friends : @foxkoit @steemflow @xyzashu

Another great task with trade.io
Thanks for sharing this platfrom with us.

My twitter link:

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I am very supportive of trade by using trade.io, I hope that in the future this trade will be easier with updates from trade.io.



I invited my best friend @el-wazza and @salim001 for together to support this trade.io


We are very supportive to our clients as well!

Here's the link https://twitter.com/MartreiB/status/1134317553117851648

The proof picture of retweet and comment below.


Thanks for supporting fiat currencies!

Amazing development by trade.io on this one, hopefully this task Will facilitate more traders, Here's to another wonderful tasks by @oracle-d


Thanks a lot!

Here is mine 627fbef1-9812-4068-ac15-6336c67a01db.jpg
Calling on @ferrate @akomoajong @burlarj to come.

My entry and thanks team for bringing the updates.

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Congrats @tj4real for being the first. @ireneblessing I hope you have already arrived.trade.JPG

twit 1.JPG

Its great performing this task. Together we attain growth.
Inviting @adewararilwan @afefe to join in


Liked, Commented & Retweeted


Here is my support. retweeted, liked and commented
Screenshot 2019-06-02 at 14.03.02.png

Thanks for giving us the chance to complete another task brothers!

My entry.


thanks for the tag.
much appreciated.

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Hello sir @oracle-d i completed my task this my proofness

Im honored to be the first person to complete this task. Below is a link to my retweet plus comment

Im honored to be the first person to complete this task. Below is a link to my retweet plus comment

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Thank you for trusting us!

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Condition done sir.i am new in your task.hope next don't miss your others task.



I'm waiting for the next announcement, how should we play here

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Thank you for your support, "Join the trading revolution"

Good ve being waiting patiently for and open task, now it here. 💃

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Thank you so much.

  ·  2년 전


Thank you for your support :)

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When do we get keychain login. I don't login with steemconnect unless it's really important.