Just won 118 steem for reviewing Cryptovouchers!

8개월 전

118 steem for third place in the recent @oracle-d.tasks competition: review Cryptovouchers.

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The prize came in the form of a cryptovoucher which I promptly cashed in! Now I’ve got a Cryptovouchers account, thanks to the process of doing the review, it was dead easy to redeem it to my steem wallet, simply a matter of entering in the voucher code I received from an OD rep.

I could have chosen any one of the cryptocurrencies Cryptovouchers support (BTC, LTC etc), but it seemed rude not to choose steem!

Screenshot 20190424 at 21.09.22.png

You can find my review here: A Review of Cryptovouchers for buying steem, which outlines how you can open up an account, the process of buying vouchers, what I like and what I think needs to be improved.

NB - no idea if this is because I wrote the 'third best post' or whether my name was just picked third out of a hat from all entries meeting the competition criteria, either way I'll take it!

My method

In short, it took about half a day, and I earned around $50.

It took me a good couple of hours to explore and analyse the ins and outs of how Cryptovouchers work, including testing the site out by signing up for an account, buying and redeeming two vouchers myself, and messaging support with a couple of questions for clarification regarding fees.

It took me a further couple of hours to write the review, and to make sure I’d met all of the various @oracle-d.task criteria (see below), so all in all we’re talking about half a day’s work.

In return I received a nice 70% upvote from @oracle-d, worth $29 STU and 118 steem in the form of a voucher, so worth it for doing something interesting and pleasant even at current steem prices. If steem ever 10*, that’s effectively $500 for half a day’s work!

A few tips for taking part in OD tasks

  1. Follow @oracle-d, and @oracle-d.tasks. You might also like to follow @dapplovers who also run similar competitions.
  2. Read all the instructions in the relevant @oracle-d.tasks criteria carefully. For example, there is a word limit, and a standard requirement seems to be share to social media (medium/ twitter typically) AND post the links to your social media shares as a comment under the task instruction post. There’s a lot more critera!
  3. I also recommend watching this video which outlines the basic requirements for OD tasks posts.
  4. Finally, you might like to check out some of the winner’s posts from previous competitions, such as the recent review a finance dapp post – to give you an idea of what the winning standards are – the easiest way to win the next task is to do everything the previous winners did, but just do it better, within the parameters of the task. @daan has won a few of the recent competitions, his reviews are worth checking out!

Final thoughts

I’m still figuring out how to write a ‘killer’ OD post – I only got a 70% upvote for the CV post and I didn’t even make the top five in the recent Finance Dapp post, (I’m sure because I misread one of the sharing criteria, or maybe the word limit was breached too far, otherwise that review was otherwise on a par with the winners ;)), but even if I don’t win everything in the future, these tasks are still worth doing to enhance my knowledge of the crypto-space, and if I do win, this is one of the most lucrative writing tasks on the steem blockchain!

I'm certainly game for the next task.

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Nice job! I think I've won the main prize, which was 200 Steem :)

Congratulations, and that doesn't surprise me, well done!


Oh before I forget, one small correction. @dapplovers is actually the Steem account of State of the DApps, so they will only announce tasks of State of the DApps.

Usually other tasks will appear on the @oracle-d account :)


OK thanks I'll edit!

It is all a bit confusing.

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Yeah I don't blame you, It's definitely confusing at first :)

Congratulations - that's nice for something you were quite likely to have done anyway ... unpaid :)
Thanks for sharing about the @oracle-d.tasks, too, that's a really good way that people can earn on steem.

Congratulations! I tend to shy away from some of the contests as the rules are just too complicated. I'm happy enough with my random blogs and some simpler contests that I enjoy. I need to keep it fun for me and I'm not really much of a writer.


Fair play!

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Great! These tasks are getting interesting and becoming more common which is a great way to engage the community actively! Congrats!

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congrats, nice job!

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