Oil price plummeting to ZERO will the same happen to STEEM?

7개월 전


With the recent humongous drop in oil price to ZERO, I wonder if the same will happen to STEEM as most of its former user base powers down their funds, sells and buys tokens of the other, more successful chain.

A chain that was born under an unprecedented money attack on STEEM.

A chain that has its integrity intact which definitely can't be said about STEEM.

I reckon that if Sun doesn't invest millions of dollars to save STEEM from falling into the abyss, it's price will plummet similarly to how oil did yesterday.

In this case, will you be left hodling the bags for Sun?

I know I definitely won't!

I'm exiting as fast as I can before shit really hits the fan.

Steemians and Tronunists beware. This thing looks like it's about to explode, to the downside.

I won't hold the grenade for him.

Will you?

Either way, this is it for today.

At least for this shithole.

Catch up with me on the other side of the coin.

Also, on T Twitter, where I'm more active than ever before.

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