Oilcupia Medicinal properties benefits ----------


Oilcupia medicinal properties / benefits

We almost ate oily leaves as vegetables, because this leaflet is very dear to many. Today, I loved this dear with you and shared it with youLet us know today about the beneficial use of oil spinach leaves.

Diabetes: At diabetes if the leaves containing the oil spraying stem, the juice will be cooked every morning and afternoon. Coconut leaf is cooked and cooked, but diabetes is beneficial for the disease.

Jandis- If the jaundice, the oil spills will be eaten in the morning and will eat half the amount.

Foot swelling disease: When you are sitting in the car or on long legs, feet are swollen and it is called as a disease. 3-4 tea spoons of potassium root and leaf juice will be eaten every morning and in the afternoon.

Breathlessness: If the breathing problem is not due to scald or cough, it will heat 3 to 4 teaspoons of oil of sweet potato and juice of potato and eat.1537814592524.jpg

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