24 Hours Left Until We Draw Tickets for the Global Blockbuilders Event in Austin!

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Tomorrow evening we will be handing out our first promised item from our fundition campaign! We are giving away two tickets to the Global Blockbuilders Event in Austin Texas to one lucky steemian!

From our team, @coruscate will be a main stage speaker at this event and can't wait to connect with the upcoming attendees and whoever wins this ticket. The event is happening from April 10-13th in the heart of Austin, TX.

Here's a link to the event - https://globalblockbuilders.com/

If you want to be eligible for the drawing - check out the details of our fundition campaign below and make a donation to Steem Onboarding.

Our tentative soft launch date is March 31st and we can't wait to share all of our hard work with you guys!

Check Out Our Fundition Campaign

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We are very thankful to everyone who has supported our efforts by donation to our Fundition campaign thus far! As you can see, we've got some great rewards cooked into the program for you too.

We have 10 Donation Tiers with different rewards - including Shirts, Hoodies, Steem Fest tickets, Steem Monsters Packs, Global Blockbuilders Conference tickets and more. For those who want to help us fund the project, the tiers are as follows:

$10Valued Supporter$25Appreciated Supporter
$50Bronze Supporter$100Silver Supporter
$250Gold Supporter$500Platinum Supporter

$1,000 | Diamond Supporter

If you want to donate/sponsor/fund @Steemonboarding, click here to go to our @Fundition campaign

Let's reach mass adoption together!

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If i win the tickets please understand I might be late to the occasion since I’m on a budget &, I have to take a bike across my masters ranch, cross a river using a ferry and finally board a train to a local town.

This town happens to have a sheriffs office, I’m planning to start a terror alert in my village so that they can call the sheriffs on me and transport me to the local town - Once i record a statement I will board a bus to the airport and i will be there in 3 hours.

PS: Consider alerting me in Advance, since i have no control of this journey and I also need to borrow a suit.

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This is pure awesome with a touch of drama!


You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

So looking forward to the initiative! Great timing as things are starting to get interesting around the ecosystem!

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Thanks for your support @newageinv! Yes, lots of interesting things going on right now! 😊

Very cool initiative! Look forward to meeting the team in Austin TX 🤩. Was happy to make a donation to the cause!

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Looking forward to meeting you there!!

A lot Thank you @steemonbording. I am very lot support your post . And your post is very helpful for me. I learned many things from your post . A lot thanks for posting.

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