Arcane Gladiator- Card Game Artwork Vol.1

2년 전

Hey guys,

Its with pleasure I want to share a large sum of recent designs I been creating for a new card game
"Arcane Gladiator" by Nathaniel Bogan

It has been really awesome working on those particular cards as it has allowed me to design in a more expressive and "sketchy" manner than I usually do for my commercial illustrations so it has been a breath of fresh air!
Also, there has been several card themes that I would honestly never come up with if it wasnt for my great director/ creator of the game!

If you would like to learn more about my process or any other questions, I will be happy to answer!
Thank you all guys for checking out!
(will be posting vol 2 on separate post so It wont be overwhelming!)

Elder Fire DRagon-preview.jpg

Elder Fire Dragon.jpg

Colossal Snail-preview.jpg

Colossal Snail.jpg

Force Shield-preview.jpg

Force Shield.jpg

Stone Mammoth-preview.jpg

Stone Mammoth.jpg

Turtle Bear-preview.jpg

Turtle Bear.jpg



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Amazing work @manthos! I know the whole Communities thing is confusing, but the tag that will make this post a part of the OnChainArt Community is actually #hive-156509. You can post from any interface and make that the first tag or you can go to the Community page that I just linked and click the "New Post" button on the right side.

If you want, I'd love to repost this in the Community from the community account @onchainart. I would of course make you the 100% beneficiary so you would receive all rewards. No problem if you'd rather me not do that, but just a fan and want the great art on Steem to be seen by more people. :)


hey @midlet thank you first of all for the support and comment! Im indeed totally new to this thing and confused really! As for repost, I have totally no problem at all, Thank you for suggesting this and for the help! :)

Excellent art!
Is it Corel Painter?


Thank you @daring-celt Im glad you like it! Its actually done in photoshop! used to love painter but I find ps more efficient to me at least.


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Keep up the great work!


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Did you miss shield guy's card, did it just not load for me or does he not have one? :)

Yep a hurricane is definitely one way to get rid of flyers O_O and pretty much anything else in the area XD that's some awesome card art right there :D


Hey @ryivhnn ! in fact, I couldnt find the shield card provided by the creator of the game XD oops! the hurricane one ended up being one of the favorite and cool cards indeed! Thank you as always for your support!


Actually, post has been updated! :)


Yay! I knew it would look cool as a card but it was nice to see it actually looking cool as a card XD

These look so cool dude! keep it up!


Thank you very much, @lunaticmoon glad you like it!


Thank you @sleepingcowboy ! much appreciated