DTube Historical Profile - Who is Ho Chi Minh?

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I made this video as a tribute to Ho Chi Minh and all the people that fought for the independence of Vietnam. After decades of oppression the people of Vietnam deserved a leader who could transcend all the suffering. I am not a believer of the Communist ideology however I'm a huge supporter of National Sovereignty. Hope you all are doing well :)

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Each country has people that fight for the freedom, in my country one of the many people is Simon Bolivar.


Yes the legends about Simon Bolivar still resonate in almost all of Latin America

Nice informition thanks for sharing Dtube Historical profile ..


Thank you for stopping by 🙏 😊


My pleasure

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We all have heroes in our countries that fought for our independence. Thanks for sharing this info brother. 😊😊

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My pleasure 😇

Love the video! Aside from that it is very informative hehe I found you intro amazing!! Some of my videos are like that hehehe but nothing close to yours!!! Well done!! 🤟🏻

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