DTube Tip: How To Kill Self-Doubt (The War Within)

3년 전

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Today I talk about a way of calming your mind: meditation. The internal war in your mind will never stop, however there are ways to take breaks from it. Hope this helps!!!

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At first glance I thought you were making a gun to your head gesture, yup that would work but you would never know it!

I have been meditating for awhile now, other then getting ideas from trying to calm my mind I don’t find it helps long term... not like I can meditate while at work when I am the most stressed out yet I keep doing it so I must be getting something from it

If it works for you keep doing it, if not find something that does!

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I think it's important to practice focusing on not only your breath but a great mantra is saying "I am". You will see thoughts come and go. That which can come and go is not you. This practice helps reduce stress because you will ground yourself in the realization you're not your work. Then you can just act with reduced worries and stress (it's not a cure but it helps).


Wish that was the case for my work, if I do not stress and push everyone along I will work overtime which is extremely tiring. I care more about my time to get things done outside of work then I do my mental state while at work.

I have been searching for a cure but I am now pretty certain there is none, I am just meant to suffer is my assumption.

Yay slave to the dollar bill!

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How wonderful a post I say I'm so great.