OneLoveDTube IPFS uploader usage stats - Q1 2019

4개월 전

Every quarter, we will take a look at some statistics regarding our uploader usage. This time, I was 7 days late for gathering the data as I have forgotten about it since I made the last report here.

This time it was much easier to collect the data as I have introduced the /hashes API in late December 2018. I will be releasing the script that I used to obtain the numbers below on Github soon, for those who are running the uploader and wish to make these kinds of reports.

Looks like more people are now using our uploader to upload videos to DTube, as the number of successful uploads has gone up significantly as compared to the previous quarter. Our disk usage has increased significantly as well.

Reporting period: 1 January 2019 to 7 April 2019

Total success video uploads: 215

Disk usage information:

  • Source videos: 41.02GB
  • 1080p encoded videos: 130.04MB
  • 720p encoded videos: 169.84MB
  • 480p encoded videos: 2.02GB
  • 240p encoded videos: 742.4MB
  • Thumbnails: 136.7MB
  • Sprites: 204.73MB
  • Images (for Steem article body): 12.8MB

Top users:

  1. @d00k13 - 31 uploads
  2. @tanbay - 30 uploads
  3. @mvd - 28 uploads
  4. @jongolson - 24 uploads
  5. @ecoinstant - 16 uploads

For more information about your disk usage for the uploader, make a GET API call on our uploader as follows:


(where STEEM_USERNAME is your Steem account handle without @)

  • To learn more about how the uploader works, visit here
  • View the latest development on the uploader here
  • Purchase one of our hosting plans here
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Always open source codes are a great thing to develop something big!
looking forward

Hello! Is being a top user a good thing or a bad thing?

Thanks for your service!


It just shows that you're a frequent user 😉

@tanbay Content with the service?

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what do you mean by that?


Your service is not working and it's also very confusing, why would something say completed when it actually isn't as it's not working on the page it's suppose to work on, also the "subscribe" page is very confusing as there is no such thing as "subscription" inside of store. There is only "order", which makes it even more confusing.

And why would the uploader page say nothing about the status of "access", the email that you get when order is "completed" should have information about "access". But it doesn't. Not a good user experience at all. Why would you create a page about order being completed but no information about "access". That is the only information you want to know.

The page about "subscription" needs to be changed. As it says "You have no active subscriptions." but you can't have that text and then link to a page that says nothing about "subscription". It makes no logical sense

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 22.29.50.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 22.29.23.png


Once a user has paid we actually have to verify it manually so that we can update the whitelists.

Btw I'm just a dev for the uploader and the discord bot itself. @graylan is in charge of billing and making sure that works


Try accessing the uploader now. Should work


Thanks, worked


I'm sorry you had a bad experience. We are working hard to provide a service that adds a lot of value to the community. I will take all your criticisms and work on a solution. Thank you for letting us know. You can always contact me on discord or through email at


Apparently tanbay uses your service alot and i trust his opinion.

I am simply looking for a reason why Not more people use your service.

I highly appreciate u can pay storage in dash.

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