@freedomtowrite and @thefarmerswife Steemit BFFS!!!

2년 전

We had a lovely time meeting up with friends from Steemit/Dtube. @freedompoint and @freedomtowrite! Look forward to another visit when they are officially on the road! Stacie D is one of the kindest humans on this earth. If you can get them to come visit you, you will be blessed!!

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What an awesome visit! It is amazing how many friends we make on steemit, people sharing our ideals and lifestyle! Those scones look really scrumptious. Perhaps Stacey D will share the recipe some day...


It was so fun!

Teamwork makes dreams work

Scones look awesome! How nice to have some steemit friends visit. Hope you all had a great time.


We did! Now when are going to come make us that amazing farm video 😉


We are going to make that happen one of these days. That's a promise!


That's so fun!!!!


Good times! She's a baking queen!

Amazing. Great video. Beautiful women. Upvoted. Thanks for sharing. Freedom people unite.


Thank you! You are very kind!

Sweet fellowship! If I wasn't over the ocean I would pop in! It is indeed a blessing to share time in the kitchen with another like-minded friend. Here our homesteads are so far apart our times together are scarce


What great words to describe it..."sweet fellowship". It is scarce here as well. Thank you for your sweet comment.


Scarce makes it that much more to be treasured

What a great video! I loved it!

Oh my goodness, they looked good. I've never made scones, how long does it take to make a batch? From the first ingredient to the finished product coming fresh out of the oven, I mean. :D
God bless you and your family. :D Have an awesome day! :D


I would guess about 25-30 minutes. I think she made 4 batches! God bless you! Thank you!


That's not too bad, I spend about double that when I make coffee cake. :D Very nice, I bet your kitchen smelled heavenly. :D Thank you very much. :D
God bless you and your family too. :D Have an awesome day my friend! :D

Wow! It looks like you were having a great time Mrs. Farmer! Thank you very much for allowing us to invade your world!


It was so fun! You are so very welcome!

Boy oh boy those did look GOOD!!!!

I can practically smell the fresh cinnamon scones! Yum! -Aimee