Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

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I keep thinking of Gauguin's Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? when I look at this photo. I have no answers to any of these important questions though search as I might. The similarity between the painting and the photo is perhaps no coincidence given that these very questions were at the forefront of our minds around that time.

The Original

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We all ask ourselves the following question!

These 3 questions animate my art, and being, dear @mjhomb and I'm grateful that it resonates with you. All the best, Yahia

That photo raises more questions in my mind than the where do we come from what are we and where are we going questions do!

I assume you're the man in the picture, and you live somewhere in Asia? Otherwise this is a very confusing picture! Knowing what I know about Gauguin, there could exist a whole stranger explanation than I could readily guess from this post!

I have some thoughts on these very important questions, as advancing my knowledge on these questions is kind of the love of my life in terms of hobbies

Make more posts Mj! And we'll have fun going back and forth and exploring the vast treasure troves of knowledge hidden deep within the vaults of human consciousness xx


I'd like to hear your stranger explanation Hae-Joo. I'm going to read up on your posts!


Oooh gosh... I was hoping you wouldn't ask that of me!
Can we make a compromise? I'll refer you to this article, and you can read the first paragraph, and see where my mind was actually going when I wrote that comment!

Actually, I'll change the topic altogether and tell you an interesting story about Gauguin! This is a true story according to my best friend (a Polynesian/Congolese/French/God-Knows-What-Else Hybrid from Tahiti!)

He had a great-great-grand father who owned a farm or plantation of sorts out in French Polynesia... And one day, a starving young artist maraudered his way to his farm seeking food and drink and a place to stay...

The farmer/great-great-grandfather in question was a little wary, because the boy seemed to be very low-rung looking, and he worried he might steal from him if he was too generous... But his curiosity was also peeked because the only belongings the boy was carrying were painting materials...

He had but just a few blank canvases wrapped around his back and a pouch with some paints and brushes...

So the farmer, raising an eyebrow, made him a proposition...

"I have the most beautiful stallion in all of Polynesia in that prairie out yonder... I'll tell you what, if you paint for me my horse, I'll let you stay on my farm, and give you everything you want"

They had a deal, and so for the next few days, he would go out back and spend time on his painting, returning every once and a while for a rest and some delicious island treats made by my friend's great great grand-mother.

After several days, the farmer asks him: "Well, have you finished the painting of my horse?"

Gauguin said: yeah, sure!

And he walked him over to the spot where he was been painting all along...

And when the farmer saw it, it was this green and purple, really wavy, almost sickly or psychedelic, completely strange and absurd rendition of the horse...

The farmer thought: "Oh my God! This is atrocious! This doesn't look anything like my horse!"

Give me that rotten painting and get off my property! You haven't but a single skill to save your life! Begone!

Well, nobody has seen the painting in over 100 years, but somehow, it made such a lasting impression on the farmer that still to this day, everybody in his extended family (the French-side) knows the story of that "Maudit Crapule de Gauguin", who couldn't paint the great-great grand father's beautiful horse!

Funny because in the 1960s and 70s they all realized Gauguin had become somewhat of a super-star, and some of his works were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! Unfortunately, the painting had long dissapeared! Probably trashed by someone who thought "why keep this useless artifact"

And that is why when a starving artists comes and paints a ridiculous painting! You always keep it for at least 2 or 3 hundred years just in case ONE DAY people decide: "hey this isn't half bad!"

Lololol... I love these kinds of stories!

I hope this was more entertaining and interesting than some morbid pronouncement about Gauguin's character! Though you may share a fantastic eye and taste for art with the man, I certainly hope you have more sense than he did! ^^

Take everything I say with a grain of salt, I think I should have that disclaimer tattooed somewhere on my body! ^^

But as for that story, it's the kind of shit you just can't make up! XD

Thanks for checking out my page and hope to have some more interactions with you :)

Peace, Hae-Joo!

(Btw I'm in mainland China, you wouldn't happen to be somewhere cool like Hong-Kong or something would you? I'm so curious about your Gauguin-esque picture! Lol!)

That's a fantastic story! Of course the painting of a strange hobo shaman visionary would be impenetrable to the ordinary man. It takes time to seep in, even a thousand years! I have a book of Gauguin's letters, that helped, what a journey.

It's Australia! That New World underworld...


Indeed, indeed! I'm glad you liked it! :)

There's a wonderful scene in Sense8 where two characters come together in a museum, and they are looking at this painting... Gosh I wish I could remember which painter; it's something like Da Vinci or Raffaelo... One of those that loved to paint himself in the picture in the most invisible of places.

And one of the characters explains that this was originally a huuuuuge painting, but it was wrecked because people thought it was absolutely ugly... And so all that remains is the very center of the painting when it would have originally been the size of a large wall.

And he asks the question: what changed? That today we want to have this in the Louvre (or wherever they happen to be, gosh my memory is crap!) and 300 years ago we wanted to destroy it...

And then he goes it's not the painting that changed... It's our eyes.

We're constantly evolving (It's a cool drama by the guys who made the Matrix about human evolution! You'd love it!)

So Australia! That part of the world that is inaccessible and unaffordable no matter where you're located! (okay maybe from NZ it's easier to get there!)

Carry on mate ;)
Love it! Steem on @mjhomb