Shot on OnePlus 5 - Video Stabilization Test

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Shot on OnePlus 5 - Video Stabilization Test

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The OnePlus 5 lacks Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) but does offer the "optimized" Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). I bought this phone a few months ago and just wanted to test out the videos for myself . Thought I would share the video camera samples. I tested the videos in different resolutions.. I didn't use Warp Stabilizer or any Color Correction in post-production. I basically just walked around wanting to see how shaky the camera footage would be... and it looks pretty bad to me. I guess with the money save buying this phone I can afford a smartphone gimbal like the Zhiyun Smooth Q. Let me know what you think of the camera on the OnePlus 5 in the comments down below.

BTW I ordered this phone from Canada and it only took them approx 30 hours to deliver! I was shocked how fast DHL delivered as the expected delivery date was around 10 days!

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