Showing My Support for the Initiative that Empowers Culture and Tradition Content Creators- @onerace

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I always hear this idiomatic expression or phrase that says "Strike while the iron is hot" way back in college from my class adviser who never failed to inspire his students both in school and in real life. At first, I didn't know what is the meaning of that praise, since it is only next to my adviser's motto in life which is "An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding.", a famous quote of Robert Louis Stevenson, and is always written on our examination papers. It was when I became part of team of quizbowlers that my adviser elaborated the phrase "Strike while the iron is hot" because he found out that our team had a great potential of accomplishing many things especially in my degree's annual quiz contest both here in Cebu and in Manila which is the nationals; my adviser would spend minutes or even hours sharing some insights about life and about making the most of our time and effort the opportunities that lie ahead of us, for he believe opportunities will come once in a lifetime. Well, much for that phrase, let's talk about @onerace.


@onerace is a community account that empowers the culture and tradition published on the Steem blockchain. Our mission is to encourage and support blogs pertaining to Cultures and Tradition of nations.
Special thanks to @jason04 who dedicated much of his time in designing the graphics of the header and footer of @onerace. And additionally, in designing the footer for each curators (@jassennessaj and yours truly, @josephace135).

As for me, the creation of the initiative @onerace is driven by the phrase "Strike while the iron is hot" since @jassennessaj had been thinking of an initiative that has yet to be discovered or runned in Steem blockchain and when he shared to me his plans, I immediately agreed on his idea, since it is really great to promote the Culture and Tradition and additionally, back when I was student especially during my elementary and my high school days, History is my third favorite subject after Mathematics and Science. And History is very broad for which both Culture and Tradition are part of this body of knowledge. After that discussions and plannings, @jassennessaj and I agreed to make our initiative named as @onerace. @jassennessaj and I are working full time in this project that we are spearheading for almost two months and we're growing and showing some progress. As of this moment, we are focusing first in promoting the diverse Culture and Tradition of the Filipino people and in the future as this initiative grows, we will be expanding on a wider scale. Additionally, I would recommend everyone to read @jassennessaj's post about the curation strategy being applied to empower content creators that met the criteria of @onerace. Looking into the posting history of @onerace, we implement a 3-day period for each curator (@jassennessaj and I). The first two days is spent in looking for blogs that pertain to Culture and Tradition and the third day, is the day were updates for blogs that are worthy to featured are accomplished. Immediately the third day is also the day that the next curator (either me or @jassennessaj) starts his two-day quest of blogs. And though @jassennessaj and I decided not to make an announcement the day we started this initiative, we are so thankful that many content creators had begun to know this initiative and started promoting the deep, diverse and rich Culture and Tradition of the Filipino people, without these content creators we would not be that productive. And with that result, we are very hopeful to expand in a wider scale in the foreseeable future for we know that there are a lot of hidden and very interesting pieces of Culture and Tradition all throughout the globe.


Before I end this blog, we encouraged everybody to visit @onerace's account for future updates and we are very excited to see your posts that promotes the Culture and Tradition of your country. Thank you so much.


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