Blockchain Ambition of a 23-Year-Old Girl

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Behind the fact of 3.26 million registers during 100 days, people were surprised at ONO which is a decentralized social network built with blockchain technology.
On 26th July, at the ONO Global Ecology Conference, ONO founder Xu Ke revealed that ONO registers quantity exceeded 3 million in 3 months.
ONO has received much attention from its founder, Xu Ke,who was born in 1995 in Jiangsu and has had three entrepreneurial experiences. Young, entrepreneurial failure and from a wealthy family are the labels on her. But now, this blockchain social DApp does not seem to disappoint the followers.
In the consensus of the industry, in addition to the financial field, the best scenario for the application of blockchain is the social and information-based applications with strong community attributes. The intention to choose to socialize of Xu Ke is self-evident.
Blockchain ideal country
Blockchain applications are not new in the social arena. The attraction of blockchain social software to users is that decentralized social software has a high degree of self-management rights. The information is not controlled by people, and users' data privacy and security are more higher. Therefore, some believers in blockchain technology regard it as "the ideal country of modern society."
Compared with Facebook, when we become registered users of Facebook, the behavior information will be recorded by the platform. Based on these data, Facebook can develop products. Even the product portal can be opened and pushed to the appropriate users. This is absolutely not allowed in the world of blockchains. In the blockchain social application, the information is completely in the hands of the users and does not belong to any platform. That is, all the information that users do not want to see can be blocked. In operation, users can pay attention to their own needs according to their own thought. If there is advertising on platform, it will be clearly priced, and the advertising fee will return to the users instead of the platform.
At the press conference, the ONO data released by Xu Ke showed that until 26th July, ONO hab been online for 102 days, and the number of registered users increased from 0 to 3.258 million, and the monthly retention was 54.51%. The total content was 10.7547 million, and the number of comments was 47.736 million. The total number of interactions was 109.5 million.
As far as the millions of users in the blockchain field are concerned, ONO has 300,000 daily users in 3 months, and the user activity is relatively long-lasting.
Through user channel analysis, it is found that more than 80% of ONO users are attracted by content, including content creators and content readers.The remaining 20% of users come from various channels, and some even have not heard of BTC (bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum).There is a very low threshold for ONO users, and ordinary users of non-coin can also enter. For ONO Tokens, many people only use it as a reward for points.
In the traditional Internet, the application of social attributes has both information dissemination attributes. The application of blockchain technology, on the basis of the above, adds the respect of personal privacy and protects the spontaneity of social behavior to the greatest extent. Therefore, in the social field, the Token has a better circulation rate.
Different from the platform-based system of centralized social software, for blockchain social application, users can not only enjoy rights and interests, and also make rules.
On 16th July , ONO International Edition was opened to South Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan and North America.To solve language barriers, ONO supports simultaneous translation.
Social software that breaks through global social language barriers is worth looking forward to. But what is more worthy of attention is that for the latest version of ONO, users can add videos simultaneously. This means that the ONO before was more like a decentralized original text and image distribution platform, but the current version of ONO is more like a decentralized Facebook that takes text, images and video content into account.
At present, for blockchain applications, regulation is still an unresolved difficulty. Will decentralized social software cause confusion due to lack of corporate control? Xu Ke believes that decentralized self-control is equal opportunity and right for every user, but this equality is relative.
If Facebook bans a piece of content, it can be done directly by the operator, but this will make the user lose the right to choose. Decentralized social networks will choose an appropriate point between democracy and efficiency, such as voting from all members. They vote for the community's super partner, who is responsible for local content data and statistics from users within the community. If the partner is evil, then the members can let him down. Throughout the process, the platform only defines the rules of the initial level, and the specific management method can be voted from users.

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