When the social filed is dominated by giants, maybe blockchain technology is the last and best savior

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With the blockchain applications launched in many fields, many people focus their attention to "blockchain + social".People want to find better ways of using social media which can also protect their own data security.

What are the pain points in today's social life?

1.The content is not protected by property rights and realized returns.The original content can be arbitrarily and freely reproduced and shared, but the content creator cannot get the corresponding benefit.This is bad for the development of content quality on social platforms and the enthusiasm of original content creators.At the same time, users' behaviors on social platforms can not be rewarded accordingly, such as sharing, comments, likes, etc.However, the platform can obtain the ability to analyze user behavior and preferences through big data, the it will achieve the results of accurately publishing advertisements and marketing articles.This unbalanced return rate is extremely terrible for the healthy development of the social ecology.

2.User privacy is not protected and platform information is easily to leak.It is not uncommon for users to be infringed on their privacy. Many people even don’t know that their information has been leaked.In fact, the videos shared on the user's platform, or the chats with friends and family, are under the control of the platform.These information is often captured, analyzed and benefited by the platform, and various data are operated from the perspective of a third party.What's worse, the platform sells the collected user information to other commercial organizations for commercial behaviors, therefore we often receive so many spam messages and fraudulent calls in our daily lives.
3.Freedom of speech cannot be achieved.When users usually leave their comments on social media, maybe they will be limited because of sensitive topics such as religion and politics which is not true freedom of speech.
4.The quality of the content is not guaranteed, and false information is rampant.Advertising, cyber violence and fraud information everywhere make our sense of security on the web disappear.However, there is not a reward and punishment system in today's centralized social platform , which makes many online content quality decline or even false.Some users take advantage of Internet as a vent to abuse others, spread negative opinions,making some people's social life seriously disturbed. However, cyber violent people and rumors are still "freedom."
How will the blockchain, known for decentralization and security, empower social media?How does the “blockchain+media” solve the pain points of the social field?With the ability to trace roots, peer-to-peer transactions and non-tamperable features, blockchain technology begins to to get involved in social field, and the emergence of multi-centered social media is just around the corner.

First,the blockchain distributed network can replace the centralized data server. This will help return data ownership to users, thereby depriving social media giants of their power.Therefore, blockchain media users can use blockchain technology to publicly protect their information resources without sacrificing their own data in exchange for services.

Second, the Token reward mechanism with blockchain can improve the profitability of social platform exploiting content creators.Blockchain media platform users can create their own channels for original publishing, content creators and visitors both can get rewards.This will greatly improve the content quality of social platforms, create a more relaxed, free and efficient content environment, and attract more quality users.

Finally, the “point-to-point” nature feature of the blockchain is conducive to rebuilding the credit system between people.This can solve the problems of cyber violence and freedom of speech almost together.The lack of trust caused by cyber violence and false information has led to stricter cautious regulation of freedom speech.Through the blockchain's point-to-point effective communication and its irreversible characteristics, users can communicate more freely and frankly, thus it helps build trust in a healthy and harmonious environment.

Nowadays, there are more and more ideas about the blockchain application, and people are more and more expecting blockchain technology.However, the idea of "blockchain + social" is still in its initial state, which needs more technical and capital support. Therefore, for the exploration of multi-centered social media, Blockchain technology is the primary choice.

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@onosocial Your app asks for GPS location at sign up and will not open if not provided with location services. I don't see your claim about privacy being true. There is no option to skip this. "Rest assured your message will not be leaked" is not enough. We need to be able to use the app without such permissions if you wanna claim being a privacy protector. This stopped me from creating an account on your app.

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