💬 Daily AMA with Ke'Xu | ONO | Day 15 Recap

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It is day 15 of the AMA with Ke'Xu and due to some complications, we could answer only 8 questions. Don't forget to join the Telegram group and ask your questions.

Join the Telegram group: https://t.me/ONOUS

1.How can one be a BP in ONO mainnet?

Ke'Xu@ONO: We will launch about this on ONOChain Technical whitepaper. Later later, not in a hurry. Because we will launch the mainnet next year. Btw we will show our testnet on our meetup in Beijing! Next time when we have other meetup we will show too! So we only show it. We don’t launch it till it’s well developed.

2. I am a someone who has worked hard to promote ONO. Unfortunately when the dApp was launched, I got a Chinese version instead of English version. My account is already verified. Right now I earn 100 ONOT as referral bonus but this is not fair because others earn 500 ONOTs. I also earn 10 ONOTs for logging in instead of 20 ONOTs.

What can ONO do to help my situation, to make things fair?

What should I do to ensure that this cheating does not continue.?

Ke'Xu@ONO: I will help you. Already told our team to fix it for you.

3.The entire workspace, whole societies won’t be dominated by corporations or governments anymore, but by networks from bottom to top. Decentralized networks will run entire economies. How do you see the future of Nome Tech from background of this organizational upheavals?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Decentralized organization is our core philosophy. We'll stick to it

4. Do you have any statistics on the 3 million users, are they mostly chinese/korean/international ?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Chinese 75%. I think it’s because the only few days we launching the international version. And this beta version is still not stable.

5.When I share a webpage as link in my short story, will it be possible to write it down in form of a hyperlink soon? (e.g. being forwarded when clicking on it; same like with youtube videos on facebook)

Ke'Xu@ONO: yes we are working on that! Link share!

6.On facebook I regularly use the saving function. Therefore I can safe posts of my friends or articles of companies and read them later in my “saving archive”, they recently call it “collections”. Will there be something similar within the ONO App?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Will have!! Working on that!

7. I cannot log into my account. I lost my password. I do password recovery but it does not work. I have contacted support and they say they cannot do anything about it. Please what can I do?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Please DM CYC your ID he will help you.

8.After login ONO App is asking me whether I want to allow access to my location, or not. Unfortunately, when posting the locations are still in Chinese. Will there be a own location system at ONO or will it collaborate with google maps?

Ke'Xu@ONO: With google maps. I will send this to our team and fix it ASAP

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If you have any questions for the AMA next time, please send them on Telegram to the host of the day and not direct in @ONOUS.
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