💬 Daily AMA with Ke'Xu | ONO | Day 12 Recap

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In the twelveth day of the AMA with Ke'Xu we answered 10 good questions! Don't forget to join the Telegram group and ask your questions.

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1.Is the app accepting both Chinese Simplified (Pinyin) and Chinese Traditional? Under the settings there are Chinese, English and Korean language is it causing some posts to be changed to "????" ?

Ke'Xu@ONO: It will not change the post. If this thing happens, it might be a bug to report. CYC: App accept all languages. Settings is the display language of App functions,not the post content.

2.How is the Ono company working? what kind of General corporate forms ono has? How do they work (are they using an ERPsystem or projectmanagement beside github)?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Yes. In China we use ‘tower’ to manage, Instead of slack. We have our github. And we are launching (I mean publish) it soon.

3.About the photography related matters of the network, I noticed that the pictures after the upload looks blurry and not sharp. Are you going to enhance the images sharpness? I'll attach a sample pictures of a photograph I've uploaded on my profile.

Ke'Xu@ONO: Yes, we will optimize the quality of image.

4.A member noticed that the app needs a lot of authorization from the smartphone OS (android in this case), and this user have various private keys logged (on chrome for steemit for example). The app ask authorization to chrome also.
What can happens if ONO itself is hacked?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Will not be hacked. ONO system is very safe. To hack ONO will cost large budget to do. If this really happened, we have our back data to rollback.

5.Can I connect ONO chain with cleos after launching testnet?

Ke'Xu@ONO: After launching the mainnet. Yes.

6.After the international launch of ONO. Will all ONOT token earned on the beta version for content created be transferred to main App.

Ke'Xu@ONO: Yes all will be transferred. No worries.

7.Can I transfer my ONOT other address now?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Right now you can’t. I’m sorry. We are still developing the functions. But will can do really soon! We are working on to make the version stable first. then to develop more functions

8.Some testers of the beta version earned thousands of ONOT. Wouldn't it be unfair to those who are still trying to get codes to test the better version too.?

Ke'Xu@ONO: If you are talking about the bugs (millions ONOTs were seems to be taken by tester) , I have to apologize it’s a front shown bug. And it will be fixed very soon. So they didn’t get so large number of ONOTs. And now the ONOTs is not regularly infloation now to keep it fair (like in Chinese testversion we didn’t give so many) , so they only receive small amount of it. And later when the formal version launches. We will do regularly floating.

9.What makes ONO different from other decentralized social network App e.g Like steemit?

Ke'Xu@ONO: The biggest problem happens in steemit is Big whales controls everything. Because of the Power. ONO will have different mechanism. Big whales will always appear. But don’t let big whales control the ecosystem. Right? :)

10.I am from Nigeria and we experience difficulty in testing the beta version. Is it the same thing happening in other countries? If no, why is that so in Nigeria?

Ke'Xu@ONO: What’s the experience difficulty? Hahah I think everyone have the same problem not only the Nigeria. Because we had problems few days ago. CYC: We will fix the problem of region in the next version.

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