💬 Daily AMA with Ke'Xu | ONO | Day 13 Recap

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It is day 13 of the AMA with Ke'Xu we answered eleven interesting questions! Don't forget to join the Telegram group and ask your questions.

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1.How is onot power calculated?

Ke'Xu@ONO: It’s on the whitepaper. And if more details we will publish it soon.

2. About the photos, how an user can see if someone else is uploading stolen images? (Many of the articles with beautiful images I'm sure are stolen)

Ke'Xu@ONO: Later will have the functions of smart algorithms to check if the pictures are the same and according to the uploading time, and other infos(someone report and Show evidence )we will know who is the owner. And Safeguard his rights and interests.

3.How can we see who reposted one of our post?

Ke'Xu@ONO: From the notifications.

4.If a post got collapsed once by a SP can it be reopened again?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Yes. He can report. Later will have referendum to decide

5.Posts on ONO are evergreen, i.e. they can be upvoted after payout and one can earn on it even more. Right now I only can see the date/day/time someone upvoted that post, will there be a section where I can see how much ONOTs I earned additionally with further upvotes after the first post payout?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Yes, Will have rewards

6.Can an older post can come again in the hot session if it earn a great amount of likes and repost after days?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Yes. Even the post is very old and it becomes hot again, it will ear again ONOT. Even after ten years it can be hot again.

7.On facebook one can see in the messages when someone was online the last time and if he/she has seen my message, will there be something similar within ONO?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Yes. Later will have this function.

8.Will there be a function to edit messages within ONO’s message section?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Now no, but I’m not sure, but will discuss with my team

9.Right now the friends’ list on ONO is private, will it stay private or will there be a button where I can decide for myself to keep it private or make it public?

Ke'Xu@ONO: It’s private now. Can’t make it public

10.Why global users can’t see Chinese users’ account?

Ke'Xu@ONO: It is because International user and Chinese user data are in different database, because of the Chinese government block the AWS so that Chinese data base has to be on the Alicloud not AWS. We put all global users’ data on the AWS except Chinese one. We need to use a mechanism to sync the data, we are trying to optimize it.

11.Does this mean people in Ono will always be separated?

Ke'Xu@ONO: The answer is NO.We are going to sync the data on AWS and Alicloud. We are working on that.

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