💬 Daily AMA with Ke'Xu | ONO | Day 14 Recap

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It is day 14 of the AMA with Ke'Xu we answered some interesting questions! Don't forget to join the Telegram group and ask your questions.

Join the Telegram group: https://t.me/ONOUS

1.Many international users have noticed they have a short account number like the chinese users, including a chinese invite page. These people seem to be having the most account problems. Should they make a new international account? Some of these international users are already verified, will this be a problem?

Ke'Xu@ONO: CYC will answer: This problem will be fixed in the next version. The App will alert users to choose region. We are using IP address now,but it is not enough.

2.There is a problem with many users encountering the captcha puzzle for days and being unable to do any actions. The system thinks they are a robot. Is there anything that can be done about this?

Ke'Xu@ONO: CYC: Update the App to the latest version. We will also launch a ticket system for users.

3.Is it possible the ONO chain can be forked like any other chain?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Yes

4.When will a dark theme or night mode introduced

Ke'Xu@ONO: Interesting question. We never consider. I will talk to my team about this. And make it ASAP

5.Posts on ONO are evergreen, i.e. they can be upvoted after payout and one can earn on it even more. Right now I only can see the date/day/time someone upvoted that post, will there be a section where I can see how much ONOTs I earned additionally with further upvotes after the first post payout?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Yes, Will have rewards

6.What is the oldest Android OS that will let Ono run?

Ke'Xu@ONO: Cyc will answer: Android 4.2

7.Some beta users have reported that their invite codes don’t work even if they have not reached the 100 invites per account? is there a work around for this or people will just need to find a working code?

Ke'Xu@ONO: ONOcyc I think it’s a bug. And will be fixed next version. I will make sure with CYC.

8."I Recevied ONO From Eos 1: 1 airdrop ratio" This ONOT is ONO same? Is this same ONOT?

Ke'Xu@ONO: I think it’s scammy. We didn’t do any airdrop yet.

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If you have any questions for the AMA next time, please send them on Telegram to the host of the day and not direct in @ONOUS.
If there are any mistakes in what i wrote place let me know so i can correct them on time.
Picture source: Twitter
Official website: https://www.ono.chat

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